Birds Scavenger Hunt

An Internet Scavenger Hunt On Birds

created by Suzanne Gaddis

Clear Fork Elementary, Lockhart, TX


Bird watching is fun! Finding and identifying different birds can be easy if you know what to look for. You can learn to easily identify birds by carefully observing a bird's habitat, size & shape, sounds, and behavior. Sam Gribley, in the story "My Side Of The Mountain" by Jean Craighead George learned to look for these signs to identify birds. He even found that watching birds helped him to know if the weather was fixing to change or if there was danger close by. Let's learn more about birds by doing this scavenger hunt because, who knows, one day you too may need to know how to survive in the wilderness!


You and your family are going to take a camping trip in the woods and you want to be prepared. You know if you watch the birds you can find out lots of things you need to know in the wild like what berries are safe to eat and things like that. The problem is you don't know the different types of birds. One way to learn to identify the birds is to do like Sam did and read! Instead of going to the library and checking out books like Sam you are going to check out info on the web.

A. Print out the questions below by copying & pasting into Word or copy them

down on paper.

B. Scroll down to the Internet Resources section and click on the bird links.

C. Answer each question about each of the birds.

D. Submit paper to teacher.




After learning about different types of birds, do you think you are now qualified as an official "bird watcher"? Could you watch the birds to help you out on a camping trip?

Last updated April 6, 2010