Teacher Resources

3D Toad -- Amazing rotating, 3D images of skeletons, historical artifacts, rocks, even yoga and ballet positions!  Too cool! 

a4esl.org -- Online practice quizzes for ESL students, also good for MAP review.  Includes basic grammar, analogies, and vocabulary.

A+ Click -- Math and logic problems to develop logical reasoning and creative thinking, sorted by grade level and subject.

Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads -- This interactive program encourages students to match wits with Abraham Lincoln to discover the choices he made.

Amazing Space -- Just like the title says, this is an amazing resource!  I enjoyed the "Tonight's Sky" feature.  And there are lots of activities and images to pique  student interest in astronomy!

America's Library -- From the Library of Congress, this site is tailor-made for young audiences.  The content is totally about American history, but includes information that applies to a wide variety of subject areas -- including music, dancing, and sports.

American Memory, Selected Civil War Photographs -- The Library of Congress has assembled over 1,000 Civil War photographs, most from famous photographers such as Matthew Brady.  An interesting feature is the "Does the camera ever lie?" analysis! 

AR BookFinder -- Get the AR information for any book!

AR Goal Calculator -- Fast and easy!

ARKive Education -- PowerPoint presentations, supporting images, handouts and games that support lessons about classification, natural selection, endangered species and other animal-related objectives. 

Better Lesson -- The National Education Association’s lesson plan site, features over 3000 Common Core-aligned lesson plans developed by teachers participating in the NEA’s Master Teacher Project.

BigHugeLabs -- Make posters, puzzles, trading cards, and lots of other cool things from your digital photos!  It's free! 

Books Should Be Free -- Free audio downloads of books in the public domain!  Wow! 

Brain Boosters -- Games to stretch your students' brains!  From Discovery Education.

Buck Institute for Education -- This Web site contains great resources for planning project-based learning units.  Even if you don't use project-based learning in your classroom, you'll love the rubrics for group assignments!

Central Intelligence Agency -- Contains a variety of information about world governments, most notably the World Factbook, which gives detailed current information about the geography, people, government, economy, transportation, and defense of every nation in the world.  Also of interest is the link to the CIA photostream on Flickr.

CIA Kids Page -- The CIA Kids Page has great games that test observation, memory and other skills required by a top operative.  There are no complicated rules.  You can click & play right away -- a great way to fill odd minutes and short days! 

CLEANet -- A one-stop resource for teaching climate science, climate change, and energy awareness.  Outlines essential principles as well as the challenges the topics present for educators and students.  Also includes a valuable database of scientifically and pedagogically reviewed digital resources, including labs, activities, and videos. 

-- Conjugate the "I seen" right out of your students!

Copyright Foundation -- answers to your copyright questions, a professional development video, and copyright lesson plans for all grade levels

Copyright Information -- The good folks at the University of Minnesota created fair-use self-evaluation tools to help you decide if your intended use of a copyrighted material is likely to be legal.  The tools will guide you through the important issues, but you make the final call.

Curriki -- The result of an effort by the Global Education and Learning Community to provide a community for educators to share resources, this site offers an enormous wealth of free lesson plans, videos, and resources.  Join the community & add your own lesson plans to the site!  


Discovery Education -- Free lesson plans for core subjects!

DOK training on Web Alignment Tool -- Great examples help refine your understanding of DOK. 

Dr. Seuss Went to War: a Catalog of Political Cartoons -- All of Dr. Seuss's World War II political cartoons!  Very viewable!

edhelper.com -- Great worksheets and activities.  This is a subscription product which was requested by one of our teachers, so you know it's good!  MK's email address, E0579016

Education.com -- Activities for every subject and grade level.  Extremely useful!

Find Icons -- A huge variety of colorful icons to cut & paste onto your Web pages and documents, searchable by keyword.

For the Teachers -- Detailed lesson plans with adjustments for different student comprehension levels!  Good stuff!

FOSSweb -- Science resources and activities.  You must register, but registration is fast & easy.

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) -- Bring together animations, primary documents, photos and videos from federal agencies.  Great stuff!

Free Rice -- Learning is fun!  And it feeds the hungry!

Getting Results with Accelerated Reader -- Everything you need to know to run a successful Accelerated Reader program in your classroom!

Glean -- Glean searches for the best educational videos in your selected math or science subject, presented by top teachers around the country.

Google Art Project -- View museum galleries and artwork (over 32,000 works of art!). 

HotMath -- Catch the Fly, Algebra vs. the Cockroaches, Number Cop and Factortris reinforce math an algebra skills and appeal to teens. 

Inogolo -- the "English pronunciation guide to the names of people, places, and stuff"

Jefferson Labs Vocabulary Hangman
-- Hangman games for a huge variety of subject areas, especially math and science, for all grade levels.

Jeopardy Labs -- Create your own Jeopardy game using the templates, or use one created by someone else.  

Kahn Academy -- Video lessons on almost anything, including math, science, art history, world history, SAT prep . . .  The lessons are aimed at high school/adult audiences, but are very useful if you need to brush up on something before you teach it, or learn some interesting side notes to intrigue your students.

Kansas City Star E-Star in Education -- the KC Star online, with supplemental materials and links for educational use.  Can be used as a Promethean board activity, or with students signing on at their own computers.

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums -- "The world's largest private holding of important original manuscripts and documents," containing over one million items.  The archives include Literature, Science, Religion, History and Art.

Kids-in-Mind -- Going to use a movie in your lesson?  Going to a movie with your kids?  Get detailed scoop about the rating from Kids-in-Mind!

Lawrence Hall of Science -- Science activities galore!

Learnzillion -- 2,000+ high quality lessons by top teachers - all built from the Common Core State Standards.

Library of Congress, American Memory -- maps, photographs, and prints documenting the American experience

Library of Congress Teachers site -- Library of Congress materials are grouped into Primary Source Sets, Themed Resources, Lesson Plans, Collection Connections, Presentations and Activities.  Also includes professional development opportunities!

Life - Your World in Pictures -- Life Magazine is famous for its photos, and shares them with us here!

Math Chimp -- Great games for math, aligned to Common Core! 

Math Live
-- Animated stories that teach math concepts.

Mathematics Lessons That Are Fun! Fun! Fun! by Cynthia Lanius -- From Rice University, this page has fun lessons using algebra, fractals, fractions, ratios, graphing, calculus, cartography, geometry, and more!

Mental Maths Fridge Magnet Game -- Solve basic math equations using refrigerator magnets.

Miller Center -- In-depth information about each president and his administration.

Missouri Digital Heritage -- This site, produced by the Missouri Secretary of State's office, is a gold mine of historical Missouri images and records.  There is a special Civil War collection. 

Mountain View Public Library -- search the public library catalog & read about upcoming events!
Mr. Anker Tests -- Fun activities for math, comm arts, and social studies!  Big variety, essential skills, and fun for students!

Museum Syndicate -- A virtual museum featuring 51,248 images of art and history.  Fascinating, gorgeous images from around the world!

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum -- Fun baseball-themed lesson plans for all grades in the areas of math, science, communication arts, social studies, and character education.

National Gallery of Art NGA Kids -- Interactive art that kids can make online, including Collage Machine, Sea Saw, and Faces & Places.

NASA Education -- Resources for teachers of science, grades K-12.

NSDL (National Science Digital Library) -- Great resources for science teachers, grades K-12, from the National Science Foundation.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives -- Online manipulatives for all areas of math, grades Pre-K thru 12.  Very well-done!

New York Public Library Digital Gallery -- maps, drawings, photographs, and paintings from the library's collection

New York Times Learning Network -- Current events and U. S. history tailored to a middle-school audience.  Students can submit answers to current events questions that will really interest them!  The site is extremely well done.

Newsela -- News articles selected for their potential to educate and interest students!  Great site for current events.

Newseum -- From the wonderful Newseum in Washington, D.C., check out Today's Front Pages front pages from newpapers in 80 countries around the world!

PBS Teachers -- Interactive resources, professional development, program guides, and more.

PeriodicTable.com -- Interactive periodic table. 

PhET -- Interactive science simulations!  Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the  University of Colorado.

Pics 4 Learning -- photos and maps to enrich any lesson!

Picturing America (National Endowment for the Humanities) -- View all the posters in our hallway "art museum" online, along with background information, lessons plans, and links to other great resources on each topic. 

Poetry 180 -- A great poem every day for your students!  From the Library of Congress and Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of the United States.

Poetry Express -- Tips, explanations, and exercises for the poetry-impaired, blocked writers, and confounded students.

Project Gutenberg -- Over 38,000 free ebooks to read online, download to your computer, or download to your Kindle.  Fabulous!

Puzzlemaker -- Create a wide variety of puzzles, such as word seach, criss cross, math squares, cryptograms, and mazes. 

Quia shared activities -- Quia is a subscription activity-creation site, but it shares hundred of activities made by its members!  Yay!  Lots of online activities, in nearly every subject area.

Quizlet -- flashcards, study games, and other study tools

Reading Rockets -- literacy resources for classroom teachers, including video interviews with a wide variety of authors!

Readprint -- full-text books and stories, just a click away!

ReadWorks -- FREE lesson plans, Common-Core aligned reading passages with question sets, and other high-quality free resources for teachers. 

Essay Maps ReadWriteThink -- Essay maps and topic ideas for grades 3-12. 

Remembering Pearl Harbor
-- From National Geographic, an interactive Pearl Harbor attack map.  Tons of information in an interesting format!

Research-Based Strategies -- Find out what classroom strategies are proven to work!

Rubric Machine -- No need to reinvent the wheel!

Sadlier-Oxford Analogy Challenge -- A quick 3-round analogy practice, perfect for the end of an hour or a short day.

Schmoop -- study guides, learning guides, and teacher resources

Scholastic -- Lesson plans and activities for all subject areas.  An especially nice place to find a jumpstart item to get kids thinking -- an awesome piece of artwork, a super-magnified insect, or a game based on a book.

Scholastic Lesson Plan Database -- Complete lesson plans for all grades and subject areas!

Science & Technology of WWII -- The National World War II Museum presents information, lessons, and activities about the science and technology used in World War II.  Very interesting!

Science in Focus (from Sumanas, Inc.) -- Short animated video tutorials about science topics that are in the news.

Science News online -- All the amazing content of Science News magazine!
  MK's email, liberty

Science of Everyday Life -- virtual labs, videos, school and home science activities!

Science Made Simple -- Science fair projects for middle & high school students, science articles, easy projects and experiments

Scitoys -- Instructions for making science toys & tools from readily available materials.

Share My Lesson -- the American Federation of Teachers’ lesson plan database, contains nearly 300,000 resources created by teachers. You can both upload lessons to share and download lessons from other teachers.

Siemens Science Day -- from Discovery Education, a K-6 science site with lessons, experiments, and activities.

Smithsonian Education -- A wealth of resources for art, science, history and language arts teachers!

Smithsonian Education for Scientists -- Introduce students to actual Smithsonian scientists!  A fascinating look at who they are and what they do.

Snopes.com -- Never forward an email until you verify it on Snopes!

Spongelab -- Explore science animations, lesson plans, and case studies.

-- Improve reading speed!  Copy and paste a reading selection into the Spreeder window, click the button, and off you go!  Oh, so easy!

Student News Net -- An easy-to-navigate Web news site from Britannica.  Perfect for middle school!

Sumanas, Inc -- Science animations, short, sweet and perfect for reinforcing a concept!

Teach-Nology -- Worksheets, lesson plans and other teacher resources. 

Teacher's Corner -- Writing prompts, printables, bulletin board ideas, pen pal service, event calendar, famous birthdays and so much more!

Teachers' Domain -- Digital resources provided by public broadcasting.

Teaching Channel -- Really good lesson plans and teaching ideas!  Grades Pre-K through 12.

TeachingBooks Author Name Pronunciations -- Can you correctly pronounce "Brian Jacques"?

TenMarks -- Interactive math lessons, with hints and videos.  Mapped to state and common core curriculum standards.  Requires basic set-up.  Allows you to monitor student progress and involve parents.

Thinkfinity -- Lesson plans, interactive resources, webinars and more from Verizon.

Times Topics -- From the New York Times, collections of articles over a wide variety of topics.  A great place to get background information for a unit! 

URI Kids: World Religions -- Students are introduced to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, as well as their symbols and traditions.

USA Today -- news, sudoku, news videos, and much more.  Lots of advertising -- look for buttons that say "continue reading," etc. to end the advertisement.

Virtual Tours and Webcams -- map created by Angela Cunningham, a teacher from Kentucky.   Click any of the 60 placemarks on the map to find a link to a virtual tour or webcam for that location.

Visual Fractions -- Because "fractions are better understood when seen."

WatchKnow -- "Videos for students to learn from.  Organized."

Web Gallery of Art (and music!) -- Very useful site for art instruction.  Covers the 14th-19th centuries.  Check out the Dual Mode, which divides the screen into two sides -- for showing two works for comparison, or showing the artist biography on one side & the artist's works on the other.  The Music mode is also amazing.  It opens in a separate window, allowing you to play music from the time period while you look at artwork in the original window.  Choose MIDI music files for period-appropriate music, or the classical FM station.

What Works Clearinghouse -- The WWC reviews the research on the different programs, products, practices, and policies in education. Then, by focusing on the results from high-quality research, WWC tries to answer the question “What works in education?” The goal is to provide educators with the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.

Whole Brain Teaching -- Tons of great stuff for any teacher.  Professional development, free ebooks to download, videos that show the ideas and games in action, and plenty more goodies.

The White House -- Presidential portraits, biographies, and fun information.

Windows to the Universe -- The National Earth Science Teachers Association maintains this site, which explains celestial-themed stories of the Navajo, Maya, Egyptian, Norse and other cultures.  Students can link to character and planet references.

Wolfram Education Portal -- This free Web site, created by scientist Stephen Wolfram, offers mathematics teaching tools and materials such as an interactive textbook, lesson plans aligned with the Common Core State Standards, and supplemental materials that include demonstrations, widgets, and videos.  Current courses include algebra and calculus.

World Atlas Outline Maps -- Outline maps and map tests. 

World Book Explains -- Short, interesting videos about science and social studies topics, perfect for enhancing a lesson! 

Yummy Math -- Math lessons with real-world connections!

Zamzar -- online file conversion

Zoopz -- "Games That Make You Think"