8th Grade Science

March 29, 2018
Today, we went over the Temperature Conversion worksheet.  Please have this done by the time we get back from break.  Also, please study for your upcoming test!

This is a very short assignment and will not take long.  We went over pages 142, 150 and 155 today in detail.  We did take a few notes.  

We will have to skip over information so that more of the standards can be taught before testing in early May.

Have a wonderful break!
Thank you!  

March 28, 2018
Today we went over the answers on page 84.  We also went over important information through page 93.  We also looked at the chem 2 tests.

Tomorrow students will get a worksheet on Temperature Conversions.

Thank you!

March 27, 2018

Today we had groups in some of the classes with extra help for either concepts of bonds or stoichiometry.  

We started to go over the big ideas in the textbook up to page 87.

Thank you!

March 26, 2018

Please have through page 85 completed in your book by Thursday's class time.   The information is review and this will not take you long to do.

Today we checked the answers to Friday's worksheets.   We also talked about and took notes on poly atomic ions and inter molecular forces. 

Bozeman Intermolecular Forces 7:00

Some of the items that you need to know for your test:
1.  Review the end of the chapter questions that we did together in class pages 58-66. 
2.  You will have one chemical equation to balance.
3.  You will need to know how sodium and chlorine form ions.  Will you need to know the electronic configuration of both, sodium and chlorine, before and after the chemical reaction.  You will need to know which type of ion each element forms.  You will need to know what type of bond sodium and chlorine form.
4.  Know the difference between covalent and ionic bonds.  I gave you a Venn diagram with this information.
5.  Know the difference between polar and non polar bonds and provide examples.
6.  I will pull questions from the worksheet that you did Friday and that we went over today in class.

Keep in mind that when you answer these questions that you need to pull in all of your knowledge and answer the questions in a way that demonstrates mastery or understanding of the concept.  This means to give detail and be specific.

Thank you!

March 23, 2018
Students were to complete the Basic Atomic Structure Worksheet (all problems) and numbers 1,3,4, 5, and 7 from the Balance Chemical Equations worksheet.  These worksheets should have been completed in class.  You will need to know the information on these worksheets in order to answer questions on your upcoming test.  These worksheets are all review from the prior chapter.
Please be studying for your test! :)  

Thank you!

March 22, 2018
Today we got up through page 69.  We skipped pages 67-68.  All of the answers were reviewed from last night's homework.  Please study these pages for the upcoming test.  I will be adding the rest of the materials that you need for the test over the next few days.

Please have pages 70-71 completed by Monday.  

Thank you 

March 21, 2018
Today we did pages 57 and 58 together to learn how to do mass ratios.  Students must complete up through page 66 by tomorrow.  These pages are review of the chapter and we have learned all of the information necessary to answer these questions.  On page 62, only pick one of the three connections to complete.

The next exam will cover this chapter and all of the accompanied notes.  The next test is Tuesday, April 10.  We will continue to review tomorrow and at the beginning of next week.   

PLEASE REGISTER FOR YOUR EXTRA CREDIT NOW!!!!! Space is limited and it does fill up fast!  

Thank you!

March 20, 2018
Today we did pages 55-56 and we took notes.  We also watched 

Bozeman Chemical Bonds: Covalent vs Ionic 8:56

Please see below for extra credit

Thank you!

March 19, 2018
Today, we reviewed all of chapter three materials up through page 54, which included our notes.  

I showed all students how to go onto Google and type in "Acceleration Force Mass Worksheet."  The first choice is called Newton's Second Law of Motion Problems Worksheet.  This is the math sheet that was given out on Feb 08th!  I still have students, who have not turned in the corrected worksheet ( Please, show ALL work and include a check answer).  You have until TOMORROW to get this finished.  ALL test make-ups will start to be given tomorrow and the last day is WEDNESDAY.  I am closing grades on Thursday of this week.  The stoichiometry exam will go towards 4th quarter.


This is the only extra credit opportunity  for 4th quarter.  Please visit 


You must register now!!!!!!!  This program fills up very fast!!!!   You will have to stay all day to get credit.  You must take pictures of yourself throughout the day, you must get the stuff that they give you and bring it into class, you must be able to talk about what you did throughout the day.  If you can only go for "part" of the day, then the extra credit will NOT be given.  This is an ALL day affair.  I will assure you that the day is incredible.  It is a lot of fun and you will get to experience a college campus and you will meet with engineering students.  This is a great opportunity!!!!  Fourth quarter involves a lot of chemistry and physics, so please take advantage of this opportunity.  :)

Thank you!   

March 09, 2018
Today, we took a test on stoichiometry.  

I have entered the grades in parent portal for Chp 2 Chemistry Test.  Thank you!

March 08, 2018
Yesterday, we did a lab on pages 48-49  Students completed up to number 16 on page 50.

Today, we did up through number 17 and we took notes on ions and ionic compounds.
We also practiced stoichiometry problems for tomorrow's test. 

Please have all engineering models taken home by tomorrow.  Thank you!

March 06, 2018

Today we did pages 45-47 in the textbook.  We spent the module talking about atomic structures in molecular compounds.  We did notes on the Lewis Dot Diagram, which is not mentioned on the pages that we did today.  I will expect you to know about the Lewis Dot Diagram, along with the other structures found on page 46.

Please study for your quiz, which is on Friday.

I am looking forward to seeing you tonight at open house, which is between 6-7pm.

Thank you!

March 05, 2018
Today, we watched Dr. Tyler DeWitt and the introduction to balancing equations.
We also did #10 on page 45.


Homework: Due Wednesday, March 07
1.  Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNsVaUCzvLA
2,  Stop the video and write down the problems.  Afterwards, solve the problems.  Please use the video as a check answer.  Please do the problems the way that you were taught in class.
3.  You need to do these problems on your own for practice.  You will turn in your note sheet from this assignment and it will be attached to your next quiz, which will be on Friday, March 09.  There will be five equations. :)  

Thank you!

March 01, 2018
Yesterday we did pages 43/44 together in the textbook and we took notes.
Today we practiced stoichiometry in our notes.

Please have your corrected math sheets turned in no later than MONDAY MARCH 5!  You have had from February 9th to do this math sheet.  

Thank you!

February 27, 2018
Today we took Chp 2 Chemistry Test.

I have started entering math grades for the A=F/M worksheet.  If you do not have a grade, then you have not either completed the assignment or you have not yet made the necessary corrections.

Students will be given progress reports on Wednesday.  The signed Action Plan slips are due back to homeroom teachers no later Thursday, March 01.  Please note that grades are being currently being entered and can alter the overall percentage.  Please check the parent portal for updated grades. 

Thank you!

February 26, 2018
Today we talked about the math assignment pertaining to the A=F/M worksheet, which was given out on February 09th.  For various reasons, some students will have to either correct, complete or re-do the assignment.   Some reasons included:  incomplete work, no check answer, short cuts taken such as not converting the Newtons, not crossing off units properly, or very sloppy work with multiple scratch outs and numbers all over the place.  Please take pride in your work.  :)

We did pages 40-43 up to number 5.  

Please study for your test, which is tomorrow. :)

Thank you!

February 23, 2018

Today we checked our math sheet on A=F/M.  We also went over the answers for pages 37-39 in the textbook.
Lastly, we went over the questions on the test.  Time was given for last minute questions.

Here is another quizlet that was shared with me. :) 

Thank you!

February 22, 2018
Today we took notes on the introduction to stoichiometry, compounds, molecules and valence electrons.
We watched A Tour of the Periodic Table by Bozeman 9:28

We will check the math homework tomorrow.  You are to be studying for your test from the study guide and from the periodic tables that we did in class.

Your test will be on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.  
You need to know:
1.  The properties of metals
2.  The differences between atoms and elements
3.  The definitions of the information found in the boxes of each element
4.  Know about isotopes
5.  Know how to find chemical names and symbols. 
6.  Know all of the definitions that I gave you on your notes titled Study Guide.
7.  I will ask you general questions about the periodic table itself.
8.  Know all of the groups on the table
9.  Know about Mendeleev and Mosely
10.  Know how the periodic table is arranged.  
11.  Know how to do a dimensional analysis problem
12.  Know the A=F/M problems

Thank you! 

February 21, 2018

Today we covered through page 36 today.  You need to have pages 37-39 completed by tomorrow.  You also need to have your math sheet on acceleration, force and mass completed by tomorrow.  You have had since Feb 9th to complete your math sheet. We will check the answers either tomorrow or Friday.  You must have your check answer written out as well. 

We have started learning about electrons today as well.  Yes, you will need to know this for the test as well.

Please continue to study.  I will start typing out the questions for the test tomorrow.  
Here is Quizlet flashcards that one student started and shared with me.  Please feel free to review it or add on to it as this is NOT a complete study guide.  By today, you should already know all of this information.  

Thank you!

February 14, 2018
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today, we reread up to page 31 in our textbooks.  We continued working on the study guide. Opportunity was given for questions as we went along.  We also talked about how to present in public by being confident, keeping good eye contact, speaking clearly and loud enough, and how to keep the body quiet (no swaying while talking).

Some of the classes have finished with their presentations.  All make-up presentations must be completed by next Thursday week.  

Enjoy your time with family and friends! 

Thank you!

February 13, 2018
Hi there,

Today we are doing presentations the whole module or until done.  Presentations need to be completed this week. Those students, who were not presenting,  were asked to study.  This is a huge opportunity for quiet study time.

Thank you!

February 12, 2018

Today we heard some presentations and we practiced our vocab using manipulatives.  Everyone needs to be studying the vocab and the names of groups/families of the periodic table.  Also, please practice the chart finding the atomic numbers, and numbers of protons and electrons.  You have two charts that we went over in your notes.

Be careful between words such as atomic number, atomic mass, and atomic mass number.

Thank you!

February 09, 2018
Today we went over the math assignment from yesterday.  If the check answer was not done for each of the problems, then that will be homework.  We also went over the math on the test and we talked about learning strategies as well.  We also talked about the benefits of tutoring if needed.

Thank you! 

February 06, 2018
Today we had a split class for the last shadow day.  By tomorrow, students need to be finished with the dimentional analysis worksheet and pages 29-34 in the textbook.  Some students have started coloring their other two periodic tables.

Make sure if your name is next on the sign up board that you are ready to go with your presentations.  :)

Thank you!

February 01, 2018
Today we took notes for the test.  Some classes had time for a few presentations and some did not. I wanted to make sure that students have notes so that they can start studying for their test.  We do not have class tomorrow and on Monday there is no science.  Tuesday is a continuation of the Shadow Day schedule so it is a split class.  I will have presentations possibly tomorrow after the jog-a-thon if anyone wants to present .  I will also allow presentations on Tuesday during the split classes as long as the work assigned gets finished properly.  Wednesday is the next normal class period and I will take time for about three presentations at the start of the class period.

Thank you!

January 31, 2018

Today we started our presentations!  Very exciting!!!!  
We took some notes and were told to start studying our notes for our next test.
I hope you got up early and saw the eclipse this morning!  :)  Please send me your pictures. 

Thank you! 

January 30, 2018
Today we had a split class.  Those students who had me yesterday did a math metric worksheet using dimensional analysis to  solve the equations. They also did pages 29-34 in the textbook. The other half of the students did the lesson that was taught yesterday.

Thank you!

January 29, 2018


Today we received three periodic tables.  We completed one of them and took notes.  Over the next few shadow days, students will complete two more periodic tables and will be responsible for completing pages 29-34 in the textbook on their own.  I will go over the pages next Wednesday.

I have sign up sheets in the front of the room for presentations.  I will take the students in order.  Please be ready to go with your folder, poster, and model.  If you are not prepared, then the next name on the list will go ahead of you. 

Thank you!

January 26, 2018
Today we talked about elements and started to talk about the periodic table.
During shadow days we will be taking notes and coloring periodic tables.  

Thank you!

January 25, 2018

Today we got through number 7 on page 27.  Ask your child about the size of the iron atoms!

We also talked about the super blood blue lunar eclipse moon that will occur January 31st 4-6 am.

Thank you!~

January 24, 2018

Today we talked about the oral presentation of the engineering project.  I have posted the outline below.  You may not have note cards or notes during your presentation.  However, I will leave the following information on the table in the front of the room.  Please keep in mind that the knowledge of the topic includes you being prepared.  You know the material already and all you should really be practicing is your presentation.

Presentations will begin Wednesday, January 31st.  I will take volunteers first.  If there are no volunteers, I will pick your name at random.  My goal is to hear about five students per day.  I will have to teach on these days as well. If you are not presenting, you will have work to do at your desks. I am hoping to be finished with all of the presentations before the break.

Rubric Oral Presentation


Eye Contact                                                                                        5 pts.

Voice                                                                                                   5 pts.

Knowledge of topic                                                                           15 pts.

Redesign Analysis Proposal                                                               5 pts.


Total points                                                                                      30 pts.  (Classroom)


You need to state what problem you addressed in your engineering project. 

You will need to mention what you found in your research in order to come up with possible solutions for the problem that you identified.

You will need to tell me what your final solution is that addresses the identified problem.

You will then show your blue print design and explain how that design supports the solution to the identified problem.

You will show the model and explain how the model works and how the model supports the design.

Lastly, you will state your redesign analysis.  Did your solution work?  If your solution worked and you do not need to change anything then where is your proof?  If you believe your solution will not work, what will you change in order to test your new solution?

The time limit for your presentation is five minutes. 

Thank you! 

January 23, 2018

Today we took Chapter one Chemistry test.  The test is not up for viewing because I still have students who need to take the exam.  Please note:  The test is not finished being graded!  The math part of the exam has to be added to the Schoology part of the exam.  The complete test is out of 42 points.  

Tomorrow I will be talking in detail about what is expected on the oral presentation of the engineering project.  The design reanalysis will be part of the oral presentation.

Thank you!


January 20, 2018

Today we finished up through number 5 on page 27 in the textbook.  

One of our students made a partial quizlet to study with.  Please also include the particle movement with the definitions for solids, liquids, and gases.  For example, a solid's particles are in a fixed vibrating position.

The students who watched the three videos that I provided below have all told me that the videos were helpful.  Please take advantage of these tools.

Thank you!


January 19, 2018
Today we got through page 24 and we took notes on elements, atoms, and pure substances.

I will be moving the due date back on the Redesign Analysis for the last part of the engineering project. The original due date was Jan. 26th.   I will give a definite date forthcoming.  I am in the process of writing the presentation requirements and rubrics.

Thank you!

January 18, 2018
Today we practiced math problems for the test.  Tomorrow we will be starting chapter two in the textbook.

Thank you!

January 17, 2018

Today we reviewed for the upcoming test on Chp 1 Chemistry.  We talked in detail about what to know and we practiced math problems.
Thank you!

January 16, 2018
Today we reviewed our notes and pages 16-21.

The chapter one chemistry test will be on Tuesday,  January 23, 2018.  

1.  Know the correct spelling and definitions of the following words as shown in your notes.  I showed you the exact pages.  If you forgot or were absent, please come see me.  I will go over this again.
We did a quick spelling test to see which words that you could already spell.  If you do not spell the word correctly, the test on schoology will mark the answer incorrect!  Correct spelling is important.
2.  You need to know pages 17-21 in the textbook.
3.  Know the differences of physical/chemical changes as found in your notes that you took last Friday.  Examples can be found on page 16 number 20
4.  You will be given density, mass, and volume problems to be done on paper.
5.  You will be given acceleration, force and mass problems to be done on paper.    

Please note that I included videos listed below to help you with the density problems.  You also had many examples in math lab along with science class. You have examples in your notes as well.

Please remember to get your parent/teacher conference slips signed and returned no later than this Thursday.  

Thank you!

January 12, 2018
Today students did pages 19-21 in class and copied notes.  I will be going over page 16 homework and pick up pages 17 and 18 in more detail on Tuesday.  Also, we will be going over the completed answers to 19-21. 

I have included some very helpful videos listed below if you are still struggling with the concepts of density, mass, and volume.  The last video has math problems included.  Please use these videos as part of your study guide.




The first video is from Bozeman with Mr. Anderson and the other videos are with Dr. Tyler DeWitt.  These are two sources that I use frequently.

Thank you!

January 11, 2018

Today we took notes on pages 15 and 16.  We did    #17 - #22 in class.

Homework: Due Tuesday January 16th
1.  Do numbers 23 and 24 on page 16.
2.  Models due.  Please put your name and module number (not cluster number) on the model. :)
Thank you!  

January 10, 2018
Reminder:  If you missed the density lab yesterday, I am leaving the equipment out for make-ups through tomorrow.  

Also, if you are missing any work or tests, you must make them up by tomorrow.

Today we practiced a force, mass, acceleration math problem and a density problem.  We took notes for page 14 and read and completed page 14 in the textbook.   

Please remember to finish your model!  :)

Thank you!

January 09, 2018

Today we did a density lab.  Students worked in groups and completed pages 10 - 13 in the textbook.  This means that all questions up to #14 need to be complete.  This will take about 40 minutes and then we will discuss the questions afterwards. 

I will leave the materials out through Thursday for make-ups, which can be done with a friend.  Please see me for available times. 

Thank you!  

January 08, 2018
Welcome back!
Today we reviewed all of our notes that were taken before our break in the chemistry book.  The notes, the book, and the videos are the study guide for the next test.  We got through page 9 in the chemistry book and we took notes on metric conversions and dimensional analysis.

Reminder:  The model for matriculation on your science engineering project is due Tuesday, January 16th.  You will receive a grade for turning the model in on time.  If you are planning to be out on that day, please turn in your model earlier.

All tests and all make up work must be turned in and completed by Wednesday, January 10th.  My grade book is closed.

Thank you!

December 21, 2017
We are up to page 8 in the chemistry book.  We have been doing a lot of math practice in science and also in math lab.  We took the Chp 16/17 test on Dec 20th.  Today we practiced more acceleration, force and mass problems.

The research notes, solution questions/answers and the Chp 16/17 test have all been graded (for students present) and entered into the portal.   

I have attached the information below for the model, which is the next step in the engineering process.  The model will be due on January  16, 2018.


You are now ready to make a 3-D model.  The model MUST match your blueprint design or your illustration for a mathematical model.  YOU MAY NOT USE A KIT!!!!!!!!!  You can use materials found around the house or use simple materials such as Popsicle sticks, clay, toothpicks, etc.  There is NO need to go out and spend a lot of money.  If you do buy materials, please do not spend more than five to ten dollars total. 

Please use your imagination and creativity to make your model.    You will be showing this model to the teacher panel if you choose science for your matriculation presentation at the end of the year.  Please take your time and make the model neat.  Cut lines neatly, be mindful of glue clumps, and pay close attention to the overall presentation of your model.

Your model should be big enough for people to be able to see the model clearly from any point in the room.  This would make the model at least twelve inches by twelve inches by twelve inches.  If you have any questions about the size, please see me.

Please only get help with things such as drilling or handling hot materials.  Please remember that this is your project.  You need to make the model in the way that you visualize.  This is a great opportunity for you to be creative and to use your hands!  Have fun!



1.        The model must match your final solution and your design.      10 pts.  

2.        The model meets the size requirement.                                        5 pts.

3.        The model is neatly done.                                                            10 pts.

4.         Overall effort                                                                                  5 pts.

DUE DATE:  January 16, 2018

Extra Credit Opportunity for Girls! Boys and girls, who cannot go, get a chance for extra credit later this year.  I hold all extra credit and apply it to the third or fourth quarter as applicable to the date of the events.  This is an absolutely wonderful opportunity.  I encourage my students yearly to go to this.  I have never heard one student complain who has gone.  This offer is ran by all women who are in the science field. Parents can also enroll for college information.  Please note that this conference lasts most of the day on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

t’s that time again!  Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a non-profit annual conference aimed to interest girls, in grades 6th - 10th, in science, math, engineering, and technology (STEM).  Over the past decade, the San Diego chapter of EYH has introduced thousands of young girls to exciting STEM careers. Our conference offers hands-on workshops and activities organized by some of San Diego’s best and brightest professionals in STEM industries. 

To excite and prepare students for college life, it is hosted at the University of San Diego (USD). Our ultimate goal is to motivate girls to become innovative and creative thinkers ready to meet 21st century challenges.  Parents are also encouraged to attend their own workshops that focus on college applications, financial aid, etc. 

Student and parent registration is now open! Please visit: www.EYHSanDiego.org

Fee waivers are available for those who request them during the application process.  Flyers are available for download on our website as well.

This year’s conference is on Saturday, March 10, 2018, hosted at the University of San Diego.   

We would love to see your school in attendance!

Thank you,

- Expanding Your Horizons, San Diego

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday with family and friends! :) 

December 18, 2017
Today we started the chemistry book.  The NGSS curriculum is designed for the student to walk themselves through the book with the teacher going over materials after the student completes the information.  There will be homework assigned to get the students ready for class.  Today, we were able to get through page 5 and I gave students some time to do pages 6 and 7.  If they do not finish in class, then pages 6 and 7 are homework tonight.  Students can use notebook paper for notes and then file the paper within the book.  That way, notes are relevant to that part of the book.

Tomorrow, we will start with page 6 and practice a few problems on density, mass, volume. Students have had density math problems to practice all of this year and had extra practice in math lab recently.  

Please remember the test is on chps 16/17 will  be tomorrow and on Wednesday.  The test tomorrow will take less than ten minutes and the test on Wednesday will take about twenty minutes.  

Design projects are due Thursday.  I must mark you off as you walk in with your posters.  You will get a grade for being on time, unless you are on a different schedule.

Thank you!

December 15, 2017
Yesterday, students received their chemistry books.  We went over lab safety and took a quiz.
We also, finished pages 598-599 with the standardized test practice.

Today, we did Ohm's Law math problems on a worksheet.  Math lab is also practicing different Ohm's Law problems from a second worksheet. 

Please work on your designs and study for your test.
Thank you!

December 13, 2017
Today we talked about study strategies on page 596.  Each student was given a number to be responsible for finding the answer on pages 597-599.  Students were allowed to help each other.  We are going over the answers in class today and will finish tomorrow.  This is the review for the test next week.

Students will need their three-ring binder cleaned out enough to hold the new textbook that they will receive tomorrow in class.  We will be going over lab safety rules as well.

Thank you!

December 11, 2017
Today we covered up through page 595.  We went over the answers together in class.  We also watched:  Magnetism, motors, and generator 1:59.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_aTC0iKO68

Please spend some time each day studying and finishing your design for your engineering project.

Thank you! 

December 08, 2017
Today we got up to page 588 and went over the answers together.  
Please be studying for your upcoming test and be working on your design! :)   

Thank you!

December 07, 2017
Today we got through page 581 in the book.  We went over the answers together.

Thank you!

December 06, 2017
We watched Bozeman:  Magnetic Permeability 5:47 
URL:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWd3WSsWmJQ

We also watched:  Magnetism Crash Course Physics #32


Both films talk about math.  Please, do not worry about the math on these videos yet.  Having said that, please pay attention because the concepts are important.  

We will have a test over chapters 16 and 17 on Tuesday, December 19th and on Wednesday, December 20th.  

This is your study guide:

On the 19th, you will be given a scenario in which you will have to draw a schematic.  For example, I turned on my kitchen lights and when one of the bulbs blew out, the rest of the lights went out as well.  You will then draw a series or a parallel circuit.  You will need to include:  a switch, a resistor(s), energy source, wire(s), and arrows pointing to the direction of the current.  The video that we watched  on Bozeman: Series and Parallel Circuits 8:05 will be a helpful review.

On the 20th, you will take a short exam on Schoology.  You will need to know the vocab on page 565 for lessons 1-3.  I reviewed in class the vocab that you need from chapter 16 such as conductors and insulators.  On chapter 16, pay close attention to the material on pages 528-535, which lesson 1.

You will also need to know how to solve problems with Ohm's Law, V=IR, including one scenario problem.

Thank you!


December 05, 2017
Today, we turned in our solutions page and went over our grades individually in class. More grades have been entered into the system. We are working on pages 566-575 today. We will be finishing the textbook quickly in the next week and will be moving on to chemistry.  All students will need their three ring binder in order to house the chemistry material, which is on three hole punched paper.  The binder that students currently have is for science, so there is no need for a second binder.

The next part of the matriculation has been assigned and is due on Dec. 21, 2017.  The instructions for the design are found below attached as a PDF.  Please print out the final solution and attach it to the back of the poster, along with your first/last name and module number.

December 04, 2017
Today, we went over chp 14/15 test,  we practiced math, we talked about matriculation, and I reminded students that the solutions part is due tomorrow, Tuesday.

Thank you!

December 01, 2017
We talked about many of the formulas that we have covered this year and we went over the values of the units of the metric system.

Thank you!

November 30, 2017
On Tuesday of this week, we practiced voltage, current, and resistance problems. The problems that we did will be counted as the study guide for the next test.

On Wednesday of this week, the substitute covered through page 555 in the book.

Today we watched Bozeman: Series and Parallel circuits 8:04 and we were introduced to dimensional analysis. 
Thank you!

November 27, 2017
Today we watched Bozeman:  Voltage, Current and Resistance 9:46 and I showed students how to go onto Khanacademy.org, click on k-8, click on high school science, click on physics, then click on Ohm's Law and circuits with resistors 11:39.  There is a lot of what we have learned on Khan Academy.  I encourage students to rewatch the videos.  there will be math involved.  We also took notes from the board that included a chart about Ohm's Law.  It is very important to understand the relationship between variables in a physics formula.  Also, understanding the units is key in being able to make sure the calculations are correct.

Thank you! 

November 17, 2017
We got through page 542 in the book today.  I collected the research and question part of the engineering project.
I also talked about the behavior expectation and the activities for next week's field trip.  

The upcoming due dates are as follows for the rest of the matriculation project.  
1.  Design due Thursday, 12-21-17
2.  Model due Tuesday, 1-16-18
3.  Redesign analysis due Friday, 1-26-18  Your are finished!!!!

I have not completed neither the instructions for the  model requirements nor the redesign analysis as of yet.  However, I am putting the design instructions up because some students have already completed the solutions page.  I will go over the design requirements on Monday.   

Please scroll all the way down to find the attachment called: Design 


Thank you! 

November 15, 2017

Today we used the Chromebooks to start the solutions part of the engineering project, which is due on December 05, 2017.

I am in the process of grading the criteria/constraints part.  I have been very generous with the grading of this part.  As the project progresses, it is very important that you pay attention to more detail as described below.  The quality of your work plays an important part of the grading.  The next two parts (research/questions) are due Friday so please pay attention to grammar, syntax, and overall detail of your questions.  

Solutions Science Matriculation/Engineering Project


You have now come to the next part in the engineering process. This part of the process includes the solutions to the problem that you have already identified at the beginning of your project.  Solutions are possible ways that you can solve a problem.  For example, your phone rings and you have soap all over your hands.  What are possible solutions?  You can wipe your hands off, you can finish washing your hands, you can answer the phone with soap on your hands, you can ask someone else to please answer your phone, etc.

You will come up with seven solutions to the original problem that you identified.  The solutions are based on the research that you have done and on the questions that you have answered.  You may not come up with some random solution.  This is the reason that engineers go through a process in determining the most logical path to follow.  

Once you have finished with your seven solutions, you will pick one final solution from the seven.  Be very sure of the solution that you choose because the rest of the project hinges on that one solution.  Make sure your solution is exact in detail.  Also, your solution must be environmentally friendly and must not be harmful to living systems.


MLA format:  1 point off per error up to 5 pts.  Title:  Solutions

Spelling/Grammar: 1 point off per error up to 5 pts.

Your solutions are viable and are clearly written and understood.  You derived your solutions from your criteria/constraints, research, and questions assignments.  15 pts.   You must have seven solutions and you will pick one out of the seven for your final solution. 

I will show you the layout to use in class, but I have put the basic format below (minus your MLA heading and title).

 Problem:  State your problem here.      

Possible Solutions:








Final Solution:   Type your final solution here.

Thank you!

November 14-15, 2017
Tuesday:  Test
Wednesday:  Going over and starting the next part of the Matriculation concentrating on solutions.  A copy of the solutions page will be handed out to students.

November 13, 2017
Homework assigned and due by Monday, November 20th:
1.  Do all vocab on page 527.  There are 24 vocab words.  This assignment is worth 6 points.  One point will be taken off if you do not use a MLA heading.  One point will be taken off if you do not number your words.  One point will be taken off if you do not highlight the words.  Please include the pictures as well.  These have been the rules for doing vocab since the beginning of school.  Please do not become lax in how you do your work.  :)

This week, I will be giving you the next part to your matriculation project.  I have reserved the Chromebooks for this Wednesday to be used in class in order to start the next part of the matriculation, which will concentrate on solutions.

Please remember that tomorrow is the chp 14/15 test.

Today, we got through page 538.

Thank you!   

November 09, 2017
Hello, today we had a wonderful day celebrating Veteran's Day.  In class, we watched Bozeman:  Positive and Negative Charge (YouTube 5:23).
We did read p. 532 and 533.  Please know this information for a future exam.
*Please note that resource has a copy of the notes for the test on Tuesday.

Please remember that there is an exam Tuesday and the matriculation pieces are due next Friday.

Thank you and Happy Veteran's Day! 

November 08, 2017
Today, we covered up through page 531.  I gave notes and spoke about gravity and the parts of the atom.  This information is necessary to understand electricity and electrical fields.

Thank you!

November 07, 2017
Today, we finished the study guide for the chp 14/15 test. The test notes are numbered 1 through 14.  

We also watched a video and took notes on the video:  Physics-Waves-Analogue and Digital Signals (YouTube 2:54).  Mirrors, lenses, and the analogue/digital signals will be covered on a following test (after November 14).  

We also spoke about MLA headings. 
Thank you!

November 06, 2017
Welcome back!  

Today, we finished through page 521 in the book.  I will be going over the study guide for your November 14th test starting today and finishing tomorrow.

Thank you! 

October 27, 2017
Please remember that curriculum in science comes from the book, videos, and notes.  Test questions come from all three sources.  Also, please remember that some of the questions are applications of knowledge learned.

Your chapters 14-15 test will be on Tuesday, November  14, 2017.  

Please re watch the video Bozeman: Ray Diagrams-Lenses 7:25.

When we come back from break on November 06, you should have completed up through page 513 in your book.  We did most of the pages in class.  You need to finish the bottom of page 508 and do 509.  All of the rest were done in class.

October 25, 2017

Today we got through page 506 in the book.  Please remember that the final draft of your criteria and constraints, along with the Works Cited page, is due tomorrow!

Thank you! 

October 24, 2017

Hello, today we received the next part of the science matriculation process.  There are two assignments that include the Solution Questions and Answers page along with the Research Notes page.  We talked about what is expected and questions were answered.  The students picked the five questions from the list in class.  Next, they will need to answer five more of their own that is unique to their project.  The research done will answer the ten questions.  All students agreed to the due date of both assignments to be Friday, November 17th.  The due date gives plenty of time to do an excellent job for a great grade!  :)


                                         Solution Questions and Answers


After identifying the problem, after the criteria/constraints, and the research is complete, you will now need to start to think of a solution:  I have given you a few examples of questions that you might ask.  Please answer any five questions below that you choose and then come up with at least five more questions that are unique to your criteria/constraints. You must type the question and you must answer the question in detail.  Some answers will be longer than others.  However, you must completely answer the questions so that anyone can clearly understand what you are communicating.  Please use MLA format.


Common questions from a Design Review:


1.      What are the past scientific findings that you have come across that address the issue or problem that you are designing?

2.       Why was it done this way?

  1. Did you think of doing it a different way?
  2. Why did you rule out other alternatives?
  3. Does it fulfill our requirements and specs?
  4. How can we make it function better?
  5. How can we make it weigh less?
  6. How can we make it faster?
  7. How can we make it more robust?
  8. How can we make it smaller?
  9. How can we make it simpler?
  10. How can we make it more efficient?
  11. How can we make this cheaper?
  12. How can we make this easier to construct?
  13. What other functionality would be easy to add?
  14. What are the availability of natural resources?
  15. What are the needs and wants of society?
  16. What are the needs and wants of individuals?
  17. What are the total costs?




Ten questions answered in detail and are clear to understand.  You have answered five questions from the above list and five questions that are unique to your project.  20 points

MLA formatting and grammar 5 points

Total Project points is 25 points



You must include two pages minimum of research notes.  Attached to the notes you will also need a Works Cited page.  You will turn in these pages as opposed to writing research notes onto index cards, which can get out or order and are easily lost.  Many students use a spiral notebook for research.  You may write down your information if that helps you and then type it afterwards.  Be sure to write where you got the information with each quote or text so you know with whom to credit the information.

Remember that timing yourself, keeping focused, taking the information piece-by-piece, organization or your notes, and asking help from the librarian are all worthwhile endeavors.



1.        You will have two pages of typed research notes in MLA format.  The title of this page is Research Notes.  You may include some of your thoughts along with quotes and general information.  Be sure to include in text citations.  You are doing research that is focused on solutions for your criteria and constraints.  From these notes, you will be coming up with various solutions.  The solutions assignment has NOT been assigned yet.  Please do not start a list of solutions yet.

2.       You will include your Works Cited page, which you started earlier.  You will continually be adding to this page as your research expands.


MLA format 3 pts (Purdue Owl)

Grammar and spelling 3 pts

Two pages of notes and research typed in MLA format 5 pts

Works Cited page 5 pts


Total Project point is 16 points.  Please note that there are no rough drafts on this assignment.  Whatever you turn in the first time will be graded immediately on this part of the project.


October 23, 2017
Today, we spent most of the module filling out the yellow student led conference slips.  Most of the classes got up to page 502 in the book.  First module did not have time to do the book and we will catch up this week.

Tomorrow, I will be going over the next two parts of the science matriculation. 

Thank you!

October 20, 2017
Today was the Olympics!  I did make sure that absent students received their criteria and constraints page.  All students, who turned in their criteria and constraints page have the corrected copy back in their hands. Remember that the final copy is due on Thursday!

Thank you!

October 19, 2017
Please re watch Bozeman: Ray Diagrams-Mirrors 11:43.
We went over pages 499-500 today.

October 18, 2017
Today we went over the rough drafts of the criteria and constraints page.  I gave each student (who turned in their assignment) a copy of the rubric, which was stapled onto the rough draft.  The rubric and rough draft MUST be turned in with the final copy on October 26th in order to get full credit.

Several students volunteered to bring their papers up and I meticulously went through the issues that were found common on student's papers.  For example, we talked about proper MLA formatting again.  We talked about the formal tone of the paper, which is very factual and lacking pronouns and contractions. We talked about how the criteria is what you want the product to do and the constraints are issues surrounding the criteria.  Many examples were given.

Thank you!

October 17, 2017
Hello!  Today we had a student teacher candidate come in and teach about light and the human eye.  

I was able to grade ALL of the finished and handed in rough drafts of the the criteria and constraints page over the last two days.  I will be handing these out in class tomorrow.  Please remember that the final draft is due October 26.   The final draft will count as a project grade, which is on the product side that includes test grades. 

Tomorrow, I will be giving each student a rubric that will be stapled to the rough draft.  I must have BOTH the rough draft and the final paper turned in together in order to get full credit.  It is imperative that students return the rough draft with the final draft.  

I really love your ideas!  Thank you!

October 16, 2017
Due to schedule changes and to due to school wide activities, we will continue to work in our books to finish up through page 509.

Today, I collected the constraints and criteria page rough draft.  The final draft, which will count as part of the matriculation grade and as a test grade will be due by Thursday, October 26, 2017.  There must not be any MLA errors nor spelling errors on the final draft.  Also, your criteria and constraints must be sound.  No copying and pasting from the internet allowed.  Nor may you copy from other text sources. If you are going to be gone on vacation, I will need this before you leave.

 I went through and showed the students how to correct their MLA headings.  Please go to Google and pull up "MLA examples."  We also talked about how to do the works cited page properly.

Please go to add on, them click on easybib, which is in orange then install.  Go back to add ons.  Hover over  to the right and click on the text.  The citation will pop on the right.  Click on appropriate option such as the type of citation that you are using then press select.  Add to bibliography page.

We also practiced our math.  There will be math problems on the next test.  These are the same type of math problems that we have been working on since the start of school.  Students have been encouraged to get math help from me, Mr. Jappe, Ms. Trem, and Mrs. Edwards.  Students can also visit Kahnacademy.org  

Thank you!

October 12, 2017
Today we did pages 494-495 in the book.  We also watched two short videos on color.   Lastly, students were given time to think about and to ask questions about the criteria/constraints page for their homework.  We have been talking about the engineering process daily. 

October 11, 2017
Today we did pages 492 and 493.
We also practiced math using metric, scientific notation, and variable manipulation.

Please keep studying and work on your criteria/contradiction proposal. 

October 10, 2017
Today we were reminded how important it is to get quality answers for the criteria/constraints page for the engineering project.  This grade will go towards the overall project's grade.  

Please, also remember to study.  You need to review material that was learned in class daily.  The test will be right after we complete Chapter 15.  Some of the questions are abstract - meaning that you use the skills that you have learned from the material to apply that knowledge in figuring out the problem/answer to the questions.

We got through page 491 in the book today.

October 09, 2017
Homework assigned and will be due on Monday, October 16, 2017:
1.  Criteria/Constraint page in MLA format.  Please refer to the handout that we went over in detail in class today.
2.  We will be doing  pages 484-501 in class.  If you do not finish, then you will have to complete the missing assignments at home.

Today we went over the criteria/constraints page in detail and we finished chapter 14 page 483.  The next test will be a combination of chapters 14 and 15 because these chapters review previously learned information.

Thank you!  

October 06, 2017
Today we did pages 479-482.  

Please remember to be looking up good websites and information for your engineering project.  Next week you will get the criteria/constraint page in order to narrow down your final solution.  This page will go towards the overall project grade. 

Thank you!

October 05, 2017
Today we completed pages 472-478 in class.  Notes were taken and we talked about the material.  We also talked about space and sounds in a vacuum.  

October 04, 2017
Today we went over Chp 12 test.  Some students had to finish their tests from yesterday.

October 02, 2017
******Your test is tomorrow.  Please pay attention to all of the math and to the Doppler effect in particular.******
Homework assigned and due Tuesday, October 10, 2017:
1.  Do pages 472-483.
2.  Do research on your two main ideas for the Engineering/Matriculation Project.  You will have to chose your topic down to one idea by October 16th.  By that date, you will have been given six weeks to have come up with a very specific idea for your project/matriculation.
3.  As always, please study the material learned and look at the prior material as well.  Please, practice the math. 

You were given at least 25 minutes today in class to start your homework.  The rest of the time, we practiced math.   

Thank you!!!

Sept 29, 2017
Today, we had a special guest in class doing sound tech demonstration over much of what we have been studying in class about waves!!!  The students got to participate in the activities!  We had a lot of fun!  Thank you, Mr. Means!!!!! 

Sept. 28, 2017
Today we finished up to page 466 in the book.  We also watched Bozeman: Electromagnetic Waves.
We did spend a better part of the week practicing the math problems, which will show up on the test next Tuesday. :)

Sept. 27, 2017

Hello, I wanted to give an insight to this week's homework, which is due on October 02.  I asked the students how long they are taking on their homework.  A far majority answered about 1.5 hours per week.  I want to break that time down so the time is better understood.  While I am grading homework each week, I ask students to work on the next week's homework.  This takes 25 minutes off of the 1.5 hours bringing the time down to 1 hour and 5 minutes over an entire week. We also cover some or most of the pages that are assigned in the book.  By covering these pages in class, the homework time would be diminished to about 15 minutes for an entire week.  So, what should students be doing nightly?  They need to practice their math problems, re-watch the videos from class, and studying for their tests.  No science connections are assigned. All in all, except for during project times, homework would run about 20 minutes five days a week.

Today, we got through page 462 in the book.  We went over the answers and students were asked to write in their books as we read and I explained the material.  

September 25, 2017
Homework assigned and due Monday, October 02, 2017:
1.  Narrow your ideas for your engineering project down to two.  While I would love for you to think out of the box, please keep your ideas reasonable.  You will need to be more detailed on these two ideas.  For example, designing a helmet that can withstand a crash of 15 mph with less than 10 percent damage to the helmet.  Please think of something that you really are interested in doing. 
2.  Do the vocab for lessons 1, 2, and 3 on page 459.  (17 words).  You must number the words, highlight the words and draw/color a picture in order to get credit.  Also, your heading must be in MLA format as taught in science class.
3.  Please do pages 454 to 471.


September 18, 2017

Homework assigned and will be due on Monday, September 25, 2017
1.  Please check parent portal and write down your grade in science.  Your parent must sign by the grade.  You can log this in your notebook.
2.  Please do pages 439-453 in your book.  Please complete all parts.
3.  Study for your test for chp 13!
4.  Your chp 13 test will be on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd.

I will be talking to you about your engineering projects on Monday 9-18 to give you more ideas.

Thank you!  

September 11, 2017

Homework assigned and due on Monday, September 18th.
1.  Vocab Chp 13 Lesson 1  (One word) page 425
2.                          Lesson 2  (Five words)
3.                          Lesson 3  (Three words)
4.                          Lesson 4  (Three words)
5.                          Lesson 5  (Four words)
6.  Study for your test!  We went over all of the answers in the book for Chapter 12.  Use your book and your notes to study for the exam.  You may also want to go are re-watch the Bozeman videos.  You have been asked repeatedly by me to watch these videos at home to help you better understand the concepts.  
7.  Write down five ideas that you are thinking about for the engineering project.  You will turn this in to me on a separate piece of paper.

Thank you!

September 05, 2017
Attention:  Chapter 12 test will be on Tuesday, September 19th.  The concepts on pages 393-419 will be covered.

Homework assigned and will be due on Tuesday, September 12th:
1.  Vocab on page 395 for lesson #3.  Please do the vocab in the same manner that you did for lessons #1 and #2.
2.  Do pages 408-437.  Please fill in any areas that we do not do in class.  I am sure that some of us are going to balk at this assignment.  Please, keep in mind that we do go over many pages in class.  This is a very reasonable and very easy assignment.
3.  STUDY!!!!!  Your test is on the 19th!

Thank you!  

August 28, 2017

Reminder:  Back to School Night is on Tuesday, August 29 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Your child was given a schedule to follow.  The schedule for Back to School Night is attached below!

Homework assigned and will be due on Tuesday, Sept 05, 2017.
1.  Please re-read pages 397-407 in the wave spiral notebook and fill in any areas that we did not get to in class.  There are questions along the sides of the text, at the bottom, and sometimes at the top.  Look around the page and fill in every blank area.  I will show you in class.

2.  Do the vocab for lessons 1 and 2.  You will see the vocab listed on page 395.  There are 15 words in all.  Please follow the directions that I give you in class in order to get full credit.  I will do the first word with you to get you started.

3.  You have homework nightly in science even if nothing is "assigned."  You must study!!!!  Re-read the material learned that day.  Look at your notes.  Re-watch the YouTube videos I give you.   This is a rigorous class and twenty minutes of review is like an ounce of prevention for a pound of cure! 

Thank you!

August 23, 2017
Welcome back!  I hope y'all had a fantastic summer!  

You will see your first assignment posted below.  These are easy points!!!!  Please turn in your assignment on time.

Homework assigned and will be due on Friday, August 25, 2017
1.  The last page of the syllabus, which requires two signatures:
        a.  One signature for the syllabus
        b.  One signature for the book replacement fee 

Thank you!!!!
Kathy Paul,
Aug 28, 2017, 2:52 PM
Kathy Paul,
Nov 17, 2017, 2:39 PM