Welcome to the 2016-17 school year!  It is going to be an amazing year! 

Quarter 4, Progress Report #6 on 5/15. All work due by 5/12
End of Semester grade on 6/16. All work due by 6/9, then complete finals.

Attendance in all classes for which a student is registered is an essential part of meeting the requirements to pass each course.  Students will not receive credit for a registered course if they have more than 7 excused or unexcused absences within any one semester.  Course absences can be made up by completing the missed course work through an independent contract provided the missed course work is completed within 2 weeks of the due date or by completing the missed course work during Saturday school.
 Academic Integrity in all classes: All work must represent original work done by the student alone.  Any work on an assignment that comes from someone else must include acknowledgment of that person's contributions.  Citations are a must.  Cheating and plagiarism are serious offenses.  At the first offense, the student will receive a zero and the office and parents will be notified.  Subsequent consequences include suspension.

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