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Do Your Homework!

Parents please check email on a regular basis

Upcoming Events:

  • January 21st Martin Luther King day

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to the new year with your child. Let's make it a successful 2019!

Remember my homework is minimal each night, so please make sure your child is reading every day. Perhaps have them read out loud to you and talk about the story.

Ms. Lewis

4th Grade


Students still have access to, Reflex Math, RAZ Kids, Prodigy, IXL (reading and math)

Here are six steps to smarter studying:

  1. Pay attention in class.
  2. Take good notes.
  3. Plan ahead for tests and projects.
  4. Break it down. (If you have a bunch of stuff to learn, break it into smaller chunks.)
  5. Ask for help if you get stuck.
  6. Get a good night's sleep

Please use my website to check on events and especially daily homework.

Please contact me if you have any questions.