Dave Gaines:

I run an organization called Sacramento Autistic Spectrum and Special Needs Alliance, Inc. (SASSNA) that was established in 2011. SASSNA provides services primarily to special needs children. Lending Works, Inc.’s www.lendingworksinc.com loan of $3000.00 allowed my organization to stay open during hard economic times. Lending Works, Inc. is honored to have supported an organization that provides such valuable services to the community. SASSNA continues to provide comprehensive assistance to mentally-diverse youth and their families so that every aspect of the young person’s development is cared for.

James Royall Jr.:

I wanted to start my own yard work business in Sonora, CA and needed start-up capital. I requested a loan of $1,500.00. Thanks to the loan from Lending Works, Inc. www.lendingworksinc.com, I was able to start my business.

Rachel Holland:

Lending Works, Inc. www.lendingworksinc.com helps businesses be successful by giving out Interest-Free Loans up to $3000.00.

I was granted a loan to start a business called Cookie Lee Jewelry. I eventually paid my loan off and started another business making and creating my own jewelry called Sparkling Jewels by Rachel Holland. I sell on consignment or at events such as Supported Life Conference.

Janice Taketa:

I was granted a loan to purchase a commercial shredder for my business, Taketa Shredding. I received a loan for $3,000 that I used to upgrade my equipment. With my new shredder my business is more efficient and the number of clients have increased. I also love the independence of operating my own business. I continued to pay back my loan in a timely manner.

Steven Kaweski:

I was granted a loan to purchase a scanner for my business, Sunrise Document Services. I received a loan for $3,000 that I used to upgrade my equipment. With the new scanner, I can do scanning and archiving for realtors and other small businesses that are transitioning from paper to digital documents. A lot of people still have family photos that they need scanned and digitized, too.