Research interests:

We are experimentalists. My lab uses fluorescence microscopy, lipid physical chemistry, and fluid mechanics to investigate the mechanical principles underlying the response of living cells to fluid flow. 

Teaching: I am currently teaching Physics 031, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.  The course site (for registered students) is here. 

Previously I co-taught Physics 472, Biophysics of the Cell (with Prof. Vavylonis). 


We're hiring a postdoc!  Please see the position description here. Please contact me if you are interested. 

The lab in August 2017: getting crowded, with new giant microscope. 

Goodbye summer 2017 students!  

The group in July 2017

Fernanda machines aluminum

A temperature stage for the microscope!  

Soldering production line 

Microfluidic channels made by the the BDSI team

The empty lab, November 2016.