Research interests:

We are experimentalists. My lab uses fluorescence microscopy, lipid physical chemistry, and fluid mechanics to investigate the mechanical principles underlying the response of living cells to fluid flow. 

Teaching: I am currently teaching Physics 031, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.  The course site (for registered students) is here. 

Previously I co-taught Physics 472, Biophysics of the Cell (with Prof. Vavylonis). 

I also teach Physics 215, Classical mechanics. 

Internal lab links: 


Beginning of summer 2019

Gingerbread vesicle cookies.

Two-phase gingerbread vesicles made by Amanda!  Oh yeah! 

Larissa was awarded a travel grant from the Biophysical Society to attend the 2019 BPS meeting in Baltimore!  Congratulations! 

Larissa in the cleanroom

Xay cuts teflon with the Dremel

Xay applies a flow

Autumn is completely safe in the cleanroom


Group lunch at the Olive Branch 

The group at the beginning of summer 2018, 
about to make thousands of vesicles!

Welcome to our new postdoc, Larissa Socrier! She has come from University of Technology of Compiègne, France.

Our first paper, describing how glass support increases the miscibility transition temperature of a membrane, is published. It's now online at BBA

The lab in August 2017: getting crowded, with new giant microscope. 

Goodbye summer 2017 students!  

The group in July 2017

Fernanda machines aluminum

A temperature stage for the microscope!  

Soldering production line 

Microfluidic channels made by the the BDSI team

The empty lab, November 2016.