Welcome to Ms. Wooldridge's Website

Welcome! Primarily, even during normal times, I use Google Classroom for posting assignments, announcement, etc. Due to school closures because of COVID-19, I am heavily relying on online platforms to communicate with students and parents. Google Classroom is still the main platform I am using to assign work and post weekly agendas. Here is a general outline of how I am structuring my week for all of my classes (will be posted on Google Classroom!):

            • Monday Mornings (by 9 a.m.): Weekly Agenda with a Wooldridge Welcome Video on Google Classroom
            • Monday/Tuesday: An assignment will be posted to Google Classroom to be completed during the first block period of the week. Students are given the flexibility to work at their own pace. Examples: web quest, Nearpod presentation, reading with questions, etc.
            • Wednesday/Thursday: A second assignment (sometimes a continuation from the previous day) will be posted. Students continue to work at their own pace.
            • Friday: Friday Check-in will continue as OPTIONAL on Zoom. Schedule may change as I adjust to the needs of my students and my own schedule.

Here is the letter I sent home to students and parents on Monday, March 23. Click here

Platforms I plan to use (subject to change):

      1. Google Classroom (regularly check your LEARN account email)
      2. Remind (see below for class codes)
      3. Zoom (I will NOT be doing regular/daily Zoom meetings. My internet has been finicky and I have better alternatives to delivering content and assessing student work/understanding.)
      4. Nearpod (this platform syncs with Google Classroom and allows me to make my presentations interactive and remote.
      5. EDpuzzle (this platform allows me to assign videos and hold students accountable to the information they are watching)
      6. Google Everything! I will be using a variety of Google tools to assign work to students through Google Classroom. (Docs, Slides, Forms, YouTube, etc.)