Welcome to Health- Mrs. Baum


Welcome to  HEALTH!

See the Health Syllabus for Rules and Expectations and grading policy

You may go to the Unit sections to see the assignments that will be due for the work packets. All work will be collected in a work packet on assessment or test day, but assignments will be checked as they are due, so be sure they are done on time.  The Power Points are included under each Unit section.  You may print these up or review them at your convenience.

Supplies you may need are markers, glue stick, a separate notebook for Health- single subject, college ruled, with a pocket for worksheets. Be sure to bring pens and pencils each day!

Extra Credit Opportunities for the first week- Tissue box, boxes of markers and pencils, crayons, glue stick packages, 
old magazines- especially Health and Fitness and Food related, although other magazines would be helpful also.

You may bring as much as you like, but only 10 points will be awarded for two items. 

Throughout Health class we will have the following guest speakers come in to speak on the following topics:

1) STRAIGHT-UP Ventura County: Drug prevention

2) Ventura County Behavioral Health- Depression

3) Interface Family and Community Services- Teen Dating Violence

4) Ruben Chavez Drug prevention specialist

Please contact your student's health teacher or the organizations if you have any questions.