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Dani Eastwood

Vista Ridge High School
AP Statistics

Contact Information

512-570-1800 ext 41949
danielle.eastwood@leanderisd.org (preferred method of contact)

This website is the primary source for class-related information for my AP Stat and PreCal students.  It is also an excellent resource for parents and guardians to access important information and learn about expectations for this course.

Google Classroom:
1st period - jnb3di2
3rd period - edlf9nf
4th period - hj23jk
5th period - kt7y7p7
6th period - z94ft1
8th period - hi7k71

Remind 101:
1st Period - Text @68ggch to 81010
3rd Period - Text @e4k7ee to 81010
4th Period - Text @2cca7 to 81010
5th Period - Text @3eb447 to 81010  
6th Period - Text @mrseastwoo to 81010 
8th Period - Text @9f5f6 to 81010  

Kahn Academy: : (1) Go to www.khanacademy.org; (2) Sign in with Google; (3) In the top right hand corner go to your profile; (4) Go to "Coaches" tab on profile page; (5) Enter class code under "Add a coach".  
1st period code - 3D5RHY
3rd period code - Y8VANB
4th period code - QN5HW9
5th period code - TUKN5D
6th period code - MYBJAP
8th period code - NGM47E

GoFormative:  (1) Go to goformative.com/#signup; (2) Choose "Sign up with Google" and use your Leander ISD E-mail; (3) enter your Class Code.
1st period code - 
3rd period code -
4th period code - VXFE423
5th period code - 
6th period code - KNAT677
8th period code - ACXY637