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Change your thoughts and you change your world- Norman Vincent Peale -American author

This day in History: 1778 - Captain James Cook discovers the Hawaiian Islands, naming them the ‘Sandwich Islands’ after the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Sandwich. 1911 - Aviator Eugene Ely performs the first successful take off and landing from a ship in San Francisco Bay. - http://www.historynet.com

Student Section:


  • Jan 18 - Wheel 3 Ends today
  • Jan 21 - MLK Holiday, NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY
  • Jan 22 - Wheel 4 Starts
  • Jan 23 - Mid-Term Grades updated in Alma; Progress Reports Sent
  • Jan 24 - Hall Winter Chorus Concert

Cougar Karaoke - Sadly Cougar Karaoke was canceled due to the rain last Friday. But, we plan to have it happen today (1/18). Come to the gym during lunch and pick from our list of songs. You can come alone or with a friend. Please make sure that when you sign up, you stay so we don't skip your turn. Please only sing one song! If it is raining, this will not happen.

Pickup Ping Pong - On Wednesday (1/23) and Thursday (1/24) next week we are hosting fun pickup ping pong games in the gym. Come to the gym alone or with friends and have some fun playing ping pong games. All grade levels welcome! Games will go to 11, and winner stays on. Singles and doubles are welcome. We hope to see you there!

Mr. Mac's 7/8 Basketball team - please come to Mr. Mac's room, 405 at lunch. You can bring your food.


Bell Schedule Next Week: There is no school on Monday, January 21, so we will follow the Monday No School Bell Schedule.

Lost: Thin Rose gold ring. Rose gold is a slightly pinkish gold. The ring has ridges all around it. If found, please return to Ms. Newburn. This was a gift from my mom.


  • The 8th Grade Boys Team won their game yesterday vs White Hill
  • The 8th Grade Girls Team lost a hard fought game yesterday vs White Hill


TUESDAY - Mac vs Rembrandt

*Rembrandt must win this game and 1 more to be champions


*NEW* Hall Newspaper - Hey Hall Cougars! We are creating a Hall Newspaper and we are looking for student submissions. Submissions can be, but are not limited to, comics, art, photography, articles or creative writing submissions. All submissions must be school appropriate and can be sent via email to Eleanor Lawson (elawson20@students.lcmschools.org). Hand drawn art or comics can be dropped off in the student council box in the office. The deadline for issue #1 is January 16th. Any submissions received after that will be for later issues. Please include your first name, last name, and a title with each submission. Teachers are welcome to submit work as well. We can’t wait to see what you send us!

8th Grade Baby Photos - 8th grade baby photos for the Hall Yearbook are due by January 24th! Please make sure the photo of you is three years old max, younger is better. If you have a hard copy of your photo turn it into the office, and if you have a digital copy please e-mail it to dwollman@lcmschoosl.org or tritola@lcmschools.org. Thanks!

Staff Section:

STAFF INFORMER!! Click here for the new Staff Daily Informer. Read it daily!!

Campus Support - Here is a link to the full schedule. If you cannot complete one of your duties, please find someone to trade with and notify Karmela.

*Reminder* If you haven't already please hand out the free Bundtlet coupons to your students.

Informer Announcements - Please get any desired Informer announcements to the office by 12pm (on the school day) before the day of the announcement. Please email them to Karmela at hallsecretary@lcmschools.org. Thank you!