Berkeley Lab operates a weather station installed on a 26-meter tall tower, centrally located at the main site north of the Advanced Light Source. The tower is instrumented with the following sensors.

 Two meter level
  • Barometric pressure (millibars)

  • Temperature (Fahrenheit)

  • Relative humidity (percent)

  • Precipitation (millimeters)

 Ten meter level
  • Temperature (Fahrenheit)

 Twenty-six meter level
  • Wind speed (miles per hour)

  • Wind direction (degrees)

  • Solar radiation (watts per square meter)

  • Vertical wind speed (miles per hour)

Data from each sensor is automatically collected once a second with readings processed into 15-minute and hourly summaries. Additional parameters are calculated from sensor data, such as the dew point temperature from temperature and relative humidity values. Data can be obtained several ways. For historical data, the recommended approach is to send a request to or submit relevant information on this form (no LDAP needed) or this form (LDAP needed). Real-time and recent data can be viewed or downloaded from the following sources. Real-time and recent data sources present "as is" data obtained from the station's datalogger. So, WARNING, these data are considered preliminary. Data requested from comes from the same datalogger, though it has been further quality assured.

 RPix    MesoWest (hosted by University of Utah)  


Description: A static image showing the most recent data in the upper portion of the screen and a graphic of the latest 96 hours of data in the lower portion. When accessing this page from an offsite location or using guest wifi privileges at the main site, signing in with LDAP credentials is needed.

An interactive version of RPix is available for installation on a Windows-based computer. For assistance, contact
  Description: Clicking on the image will bring up the current conditions, plus a table of the running two-day, fifteen minute interval data. Using the navigation panel on the left side of the screen allows access to other features of the site. 
  • "Change to Graphical Display" provides a view of the data in a chart form.
  • "Change to Weather Map" provides access to thousands of weather sites around North and Central America. 
  • "Download Data" allows downloading of one days data. Sign up for a free MesoWest account and download up to a year's worth of data in one transaction.
 Telemetry Database     National Weather Service


Description: This option allows the user to view graphical data as well as view or download tabular data. Since this database contains data from many programs, the user must first choose "Weather" from the Group selection, then follow instructions on the screen for selecting one or more parameters and the time period of interest. Depending on browser used, agreeing to load scripts from an unauthenticated site may be needed before data is displayed.When accessing this from an offsite location or using guest wifi privileges at the main site, signing in with LDAP credentials is needed.   Description: This observation page on the local NWS site begins with a map of all available stations. Zoom in to the Berkeley area to find the LBNL station. Clicking on the LBNL station will do two things:
  • Pop up a window showing current conditions.
  • Allow the viewer to scroll down to view graphical and tabular data. The default is to display the last two running days of data, but there is an option to display the last seven running days.
Data from the NWS site cannot be downloaded in standard formats (e.g., text, spreadsheet). Data posted at this site is accessed thru MesoWest.

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