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Rebel Athletics would like to express our thanks to all of our athletes, families and coaches.  Each and every one of you make numerous adjustments to your schedules and make tremendous sacrifices during each and every sports season to ensure that our teams can compete at the highest level.  Your support for our athletes, coaches, and teams is critical to the success of our athletic programs.  Thank you for all that you do!  GO REBELS!


1.  Deflect the Praise
When you win, remember to recognize those who have made you successful.  Instead of holding on to the praise you receive, pass it on to those who share in your success.  A good winner shares praise with teammates.
2.  Play By the Rules
Breaking the rules cheapens the victory.  It is no different than attempting to steal something that is not yours.  Every competitor who steps onto a court must agree to play by the same set of rules-or sit on the bench.
3.  Praise the Good in Others
Good sports cheer for others' successes.  They don't mock others' failures.  A good winner points out how well the opponent played.
4.  Respect the Officials
Professional sports teams have learned the value of officials.  Even the "televised instant replay" cannot make every call right.  Though you may disagree with a call, always show respect to the one who made it.
5.  Teach Others to be Successful
A good winner takes time to help others rise to the same level of success.  A good winner is a role model and a coach to others who want to follow in his or her footsteps.

                                 BE A GOOD LOSER

6.  Learn from Your Mistakes

A good loser reviews mistakes and learns from them so as not to make the same mistakes twice.

7.  Avoid Trash Talking

A good loser doesn't gain acceptance by putting others down.  Displays of anger don't erase defeat.

8.  Congratulate the Winner

The mark of a real sport is one who can humbly acknowledge that on a given day at a given time, someone else was better.

9.  Build the Whole Team

Because the whole team benefits when one player improves, a good loser invests in others.

10.  Return to Play Another Day

A good loser doesn't quit.  He or she prepares for the next game and comes back to win.

Remember, it is a privilege to participate.  Sportsmanship should be contagious!

Thank you to our booster clubs! 
The School District of Wabeno would like to thank all of our booster clubs that support our athletic programs:
Pride Ride
Roller Booster Club
Supporting Rebel Athletics
Quarterback Club

  Thanks again to our communities for all of their continued support!

Our Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Laona-Wabeno Rebel Athletic Department to inspire each student to extraordinary achievement everyday.  To do this, we will provide a comprehensive athletic program that:

  • emphasizes the development of lifelong learning, values, and skills through hard work, sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play.
  • is based upon open communication and mutual respect among school administration, instructors, coaches, athletes, parents, and officials.
  • serves as a positive, powerful, productive force for our schools, communities, and most importantly our student-athletes.
 Varsity Volleyball Michelle Boor mboor@wabeno.k12.wi.us
 JV 1 VolleyballRaletta Ashbeck ralettaashbeck@yahoo.com
 JV 2 VolleyballBeth Calhoun
 JH Volleyball

 JH Football

 JV Football
Peter Liptack
 Varsity Football - Head CoachDan Moravec trimmer2011@yahoo.com
 Varsity Football - Head Assistant Coach Zach Reeves
 Varsity Football - Assistant Coaches
 Peter Liptack


 Cross Country Head Coach Rich Sorenson

 Cross Country Assistant Coach John Twardowski

Van De Hey
Dana Mittelstadt

 JH BBB  Scott 
Van De Hey
Dana Mittelstadt

 Varsity GBB Andrew Harrison  aharrison@laona.k12.wi.us
Kendric Allen
 JV BBBPete Liptack      pliptack10@gmail.com
 Varsity BBB Bill Taylorwtaylor@wabeno.k12.wi.us    
 JH WrestlingFrank Shepard  
 Varsity WrestlingDan Moravec
 Varsity Wrestling Assistant Coach
Tyler Wagner
 Softball - Head Coach Danielle Peterson dpeterson@laona.k12.wi.us
Softball - Co Head Coach       Scott Tinsman tinsmanscott@yahoo.com
Tyler Wagner  (asst.)

 JV GolfTyler Andersontanderson@laona.k12.wi.us
 Varsity Golf Mike McCann mmccann@wabeno.k12.wi.us
 Asst.Track         Dyllan Mittlestadt    
 Track & Field John Twardowski jtwardowski@wabeno.k12.wi.us
 Athletic DirectorMichelle Boor     mboor@wabeno.k12.wi.us