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This paper will be highlighted on the front cover of Analytical Methods.

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This paper has been listed among most read papers on the RSC website.

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This paper has been listed among most read papers on the ACS website.

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This work has been highlighted in a slide-share.

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This paper has been listed among most read papers on the RSC website.

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This work has been featured in Science Newsline magazine.

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1. Organic and inorganic syntheses: including Schlenk line and glovebox operation, along with product isolation and characterization (Liquid chromatography, ESI-MS, MALDI, NMR, etc.).

2. Gas analysis: quantitative detection of volatile products, including gas chromatography and residual gas analyzer operation and assembly.

3. Spectroscopy: time-resolved and steady-state measurements, infra-red and Raman spectroscopy.

4. Equipment engineering: design and assembly of high-throughput photochemical reactors for quantitative hydrogen production analysis.

5. Expertise in electrochemistry, photochemistry and photoelectrochemistry: employment of transition metal complexes and semiconductors for usage in solar energy conversion and storage.

6. Materials and device assembly: Semiconductors thin-film formation along with operational photoelectrochemical cell assembly.


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