Recent outreach articles and essays:
    Elizabeth and Zechariah: Elder Patrons of Patience and Praise:        November 2017
    Catholics and Lutherans 500 Years Later: Oct. 2017
    Bridging the Generation Gap: St. Anthony Messenger: August 2017
    Embrace the Courage of Moderates: July 2017
    A Catholic Reads the Bible: Crux: June 2017
    Joan of Arc: Liguorian: May-June 2017
    Secrets of the Knights Templar: St. Anthony Messenger: April 2017
        Bergen Record: March 2017   
    Simeon and Anna: Senior Citizen Prophets: Salt+Light Media:                 January 2017
        with Brooks R. Susman: Bergen Record: January 2017
    Pope Francis: A Radical Moderate ReformerCrux: December 2016
    What's a cardinal?: Religion News Service: November 2016
    Pope Francis, Donald Trump, and a Wall: Newark Star-Ledger - February 2016 (co-author with Frank Argote-Freyre)
        (Then & Now blog): February 2016
    The Legend of Pope JoanSt. Anthony Messenger: January 2016
    Deconstructing Pope Francis' humble leadership style: Newark Star-Ledger/ September 2015
    Another prophetic popeChristian Century (Then & Now blog): September 2015
    Decades of Healing: Jewish-Catholic Relations 50 Years after Nostra Aetate: Liguorian: September 2015
    Books Change: To Kill a MockingbirdChristian Century (Then & Now blog): April  2015
    Pope Francis: Reality is superior to ideasChristian Century (Then & Now blog): March 2015
    Vatican synod was about the meaning of church: Christian Century (Then & Now blog): November 2014
    A Changing Church: Nothing To Be Afraid Of: Commonweal: August 2006 
        (here because of its relevance to Vatican synod on family: 2014-2015)
    John XXIII and John Paul II: Our Newest Saints: St. Anthony Messenger: April 2014: 
        (reprinted in The Catholic AdvocateArchdiocese of Newark)
    A Jesuit Pope with a Franciscan Heart: St. Anthony Messenger: Dec. 2013
    After Benedict: A Look Ahead: Liguorian: April 2013
    First impressions of Pope March 2013
    A Pope's Progress: Assessing Benedict's LegacyA
mericaMarch 2013
    Pope Benedict's Feb. 2013
    Defining Doctrine: Catholic News Service: October 2012
    Understanding the Canonization ProcessLiguorian: May-June 
    St. Peter:A Work in Progress:St. Anthony Messenger:Feb 2010 

On-air commentator for documentaries:
    Mysteries at the Castle: Knights Templar (Travel Channel): 
        January 2016
    CNN: The Making of a Saint: April 2014
    CNN: Pope Francis: Man of Many Firsts: Sept 2013/April 2014 
    The History Channel: "Secret Access: The Vatican": March 2011
        (also script consultant)
    The History Channel: "Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest": May 2008

Video interviews: 2008--present 
  Loyola University-New Orleans: March 2018: Webinar: Honoring our Elders: A Biblical Spirituality
  Subject Matters: Spring 2017: Salt+Light TV program on my new book Ageless Wisdom: Lifetime Lessons from the Bible
  Salt+Light TV: Spring 2017: Pope Francis and church reform
  Time Warner Cable national pope channel: Sept. 2015: nearly 20 hours live coverage commentary of Pope Francis' trip             to the Americas
  WNBC: live coverage commentary of Pope Francis' Mass at Madison Square Garden: Sept. 2015
  Fox News: Pope Francis trip to US: Sept 2015
  CNN: new papal saints: April 2014
  CNN: evening of Pope Francis' election: March 2013
  CNN: next pope's tasks: Feb. 2013
  CNN International: evening of Pope Benedict's resignation: Feb. 2013
  WNBC: day of 
Pope Benedict's resignation: Feb. 2013
Kean TVday of Pope Benedict's resignation: Feb 2013
  HuffPost Live (web)
  Sun News Network (Canada)
  NY-1: Live coverage of Cardinal Dolan's prayer service at St. Patrick's Cathedral: Feb. 2012
  WNBC: Live coverage of Vatican ceremony elevating NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan to cardinal: Feb. 2012
  NY-1: Live coverage: Timothy                    Dolan as new NY Archbishop: April            2009
 WNBC: Live coverage of Pope                        Benedict XVI Mass at St. Patrick's            Cathedral: April 2008
  NY-1: Live two-day coverage of Pope             Benedict XVI visit to NYC,                       April 2008
  PBS News Hour: papal conclave after             John Paul II death: April 2005

Radio interviews: 2011--present
    WCAT (CT): October 2017: Luther and         Ignatius on Faith and Reason
    WNYC: June 2017: Newark's Cardinal 
    The Seminary Explores: Dec. 2016, on
        my new book Ageless Wisdom
    Relevant Radio: Aug.,Sept 2015;                 March 2016 
    CBS Radio national: Aug., Sept. 2015; May 2016
    Texas Public Radio: Oct. 2013
    NPR: Popes who resigned: Feb. 
    NPR: John Paul II's Sainthood: April 2011
    Sirius XM Radio Catholic Channel (multiple segments)
    News Talk San Francisco
    WDEL Delaware Radio
ithuanian National Radio

Print interviews: 2013--present
    National Catholic Reporter: Cardinal Law's death
    Associated Press: Cardinal Law's death
    Huffington Post: Lent's origins
    The Record: Cardinal Tobin
    Trenton Monitor: New Co-Cathedral for Trenton Diocese Star-Ledger: Cardinal-elect Tobin to Newark
    The New York Times: Newark's new archbishop Star-Ledger: Newark archbishop retirement Star-Ledger: next Newark archbishop
    Christian Science MonitorPope Francis and Patriarch Kirill to meet
    Associated Press: Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill to meet
    Religion News Service: Jubilee Year of Mercy indulgences
    The Record: Roman synod on family
    Asbury Park Press: thoughts on papal visit to Americas
     Religion News Service: Vatican and social media
    Associated Press: Pope Francis speech to American bishops
    Asbury Park Press: preview of Pope Francis in US
    Wall Street Journal: papal visits to US Star-Ledger: Pope Francis in US
    Associated Press: Pope Francis changes annulment process
    The Record: Pope Francis' merciful message on abortion
    Capital New York: Pope Francis and NYC politics
    Associated Press: poll on Pope Francis    
    Huffington Postpoll on Pope Francis
    The Record: Pope's itinerary in US trip
    Associated Press: Pope's itinerary in US trip
    Newark Star-Ledger: NJ archbishop sent to fix MN
    The Record: MN archbishop resigns, NJ archbishop steps in
    The RecordVatican ends US nuns investigation
    Associated Press: Vatican ends US nuns investigation
    Religion news service: Scottish cardinal steps down pope names new cardinals
    Associated Press: new Chicago archbishop
    The New York Times: Cardinal Dolan
    ABC saint-making
    Religion News Service I: papal saints 
    Religion News Service II: more on papal saints
     The Record: Vatican survey
    Newark Star-Ledger: Archbishop Myers' successor
    The Record:Pope's surprising interview
    Newark Star-Ledger: Pope's surprising interview
Selected archive
Midnight Mass: Dec. 21, 2012 resource on popes firing bishops: Dec. 3, 2012
Sirius XM Radio Catholic Channel: Oct. 10, 2012; Aug. 22, 2011; April 6, 2010; July 2, 2008
Reuters: Vatican butler scandal: May 30, 2012
Religion News Service: clergy and congregations: March 15, 2012

Huffington Post: Archbishop Dolan's address to Vatican curia: Feb. 16, 2012
Associated Press: "Indicted Bishop Plans to Continue Leading Diocese": Oct. 19, 2011
The New York Times: "Despite Speculation, Dolan Is Not Named a Cardinal": October 20, 2010
National Post (Toronto): "New Vatican Rules": July 15, 2010
Associated Press: "Despite Outrage from Critics, Popes Rarely Resign": April 12, 2010
The New York Times: "Do Popes Quit?" April 10, 2010
Politics Daily: "Will the Pope Resign?" March 27, 2010
The New York Times: "Q and A on Church Sex Abuse Scandal": March 15, 2010
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Former St. Louis Prelates May Be in Line for Red Hat": February 20, 2010

National Post (Toronto): "Pope Reaching out to Traditional Catholics": February 7, 2009
The New York Times: "Egan May Be Leaving the Archdiocese Soon, Now that a Historic Visit Has Ended": April 21, 2008
The New York Times: "A Deep Respect for Benedict, but It's Still True Love for John Paul": April 20, 2008

  • Dr. Bellitto has also been quoted by the Washington Post, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Journal News (Gannett News Service), Beliefnet, Spokesman-Review (Spokane WA), Buffalo News, New York Observer, St. Petersburg Times, International Herald Tribune, Philadelphia Daily News, Dallas Morning News, Newark Star-Ledger, Newsday, and Asbury Park Press.
  • Other radio appearances include Public Radio International, WTOP/Washington Post Radio, ABC, Voice of America, Bloomberg and local stations in Philadelphia and Phoenix
  • Other television appearances include MSNBC, and Fox and NBC affiliates in Philadelphia