Congratulations to Keziah Palmer, Bret Goulding and Abbey Bonham for being selected to represent VHS at Valley Forge Spring 2019.

CLASS OF 2018!!
Scholarship monies awarded to our graduating seniors this year!!!



This toolkit will provide resources and tools to help you and your child navigate and plan from kindergarten through high school to be college and career ready.

SafeUT App
Valley High School is now participating in a state wide suicide prevention program that provides real-time crisis intervention to youth through texting and a confidential online tip program.  These program tools can be accessed through a Smartphone App, SafeUT.  This App is being implemented and utilized in schools throughout the state of Utah.  This application is meant to help students with emotional crises, bullying, relationships, mental health or suicide related issues.  SafeUT is free, anonymous and confidential and provides a technologically based resource that immediately connects students with a myriad of resources.

To report NOW, click the button below:


NEW Kane School District Online High School
For students seeking credit remediation or recovery or to facilitate more flexibility in their schedule.  Contact Mrs. Chamberlain for more details.
Click here to enroll.

**New "Fight the New Drug" Parent Resource: click Parent Resources 

Become a Utah Scholar!
The Utah Scholars Initiative is a high impact academic program intended to motivate students to complete a defined curriculum while in high school to better prepare them for college and future employment. We focus on helping students understand the academic preparation needed to succeed in post-secondary education and the workforce.

Utah Scholars helps students be ready academically and financially for college. We talk to students in the 8th grade because they get to choose what courses to take in grades 9-12 and these courses can make a difference in being ready for college or having to take remedial courses (and pay for them).

Students who sign up to be Utah Scholars (HEREreceive monthly college ready messages with important tips on what to do right now to stay on the right path. When they graduate, Utah Scholars are going to be:

  • Ready for college
  • Ready to apply to the Regents’ Scholarship
  • Competitive for other scholarships

Plus, Utah Scholars receive a certificate and 

medallion to wear at high school graduation.

For more information on the Utah Regents Scholarship, click on the image below:


Check out this excellent ACT prep resource: