About Robert Twiddy


Robert is retired and now focusing on Music Composition. I rarely gig now or do jam nights. I like to keep learning so focusing on Orchestration and continuing the journey of learning piano and guitar.

I have played in bands from the age of 13 starting with an instrumental Shadows cover band. During my teenage years I played in a support band in the Kings Hall and Parish Hall, Aberystwyth to acts such as The Swinging Blue Jeans, Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, Underground, Coliseum, Zoot Money, Dennie Lane and the Diplomats etc. In my 20s I was in a band called Ampersand playing blues, Led Zeppelin and some own compositions. In 2005 to 2008 I played in a band called Blues Rising with 2 lady lead singers playing covers as well as some own compositions. When I moved to Thailand I just played in jam nights and did not do much until 2018 when moving into a house and setting up recording properly with a workstation.

Robert’s work experience includes originally as a software engineer to becoming VP Network Engineering and Technology Consulting to CIO and customers, at DEC, Consulting Partner Balanced Scorecard and Knowledge Management, Renaissance Solutions (Norton/Kaplan), K-solutions CEO since 1994. He is now Visiting Professor at Thammasat Business School and Technology Director Eco Systems and Business Strategy Director at PSI Solutions.

Robert is an articled accountant ACCA, MBA, certified NLP Master Coach, MSP in ProjectManagement, Balanced Scorecard with Palladium USA, SPIN sales, Agile Project Management including DSDM.