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Robert Twiddy's main forte is to strategically calculate the big picture and then translate that into solid deliverable action using Balanced Scorecard methodology.  I have not just been a strategic thinker and facilitator, but gone from strategy to managing large programmes of implementation, in several different industry areas.  I am naturally an analyst and believe in going into the detail that can be practically done, before facilitating teams, to decide on the best course of action.  I believe in continuous learning and have been involved with most strategic frameworks, programme and project methodologies. I have worked with business leaders in semiconductors, service, financial, health care, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas industries. 

Robert Twiddy's background originally studying accountancy  (member of ACCA Institute), as an engineer in computer development and manufacturing, rising to Programme Director in ICL,  Business and Development Director at Plessey Telecommunications, then a VP of Network Engineering in Digital Equipment Corporation and Consulting Director at Renaissance Solutions, working with David Norton's* team on the development of the Balanced Scorecard and as business owner of K-solutions, a niche Strategy and Knowledge Management consulting provider to large corporations.

I have a passion in seeing people gaining results for their companies and enjoy mentoring and progressing individuals to meet and stretch their potential.

Robert Twiddy looks forward to discussing how I might bring a fresh look and innovating performance in your company.

(David Norton and Bob Kaplan are founders of the Balanced Scorecard HBR 1992)

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