Amazon IoT Buttons

A photo of an AWS IoT programmable button

Amazon have a programmable button that only costs $20, on If you have WiFi, you can set it up to report flights on stop.jetnoise !

It will take about 10 minutes to set it up once it arrives, and you will need a laptop (or desktop) using WiFi, and you'll need the WiFi password.

1. Keep this page you're reading open a tab on your browser. Don't close it !

2. Download these two files onto your laptop by clicking on them: stopjetnoise-cert.crt and stopjetnoise-privatekey.key.

3. Click the button, keeping it pressed for until the little LED near the middle starts to flash blue - six seconds or so.

While the button is flashing blue, it turns into a WiFi hotspot. You connect your laptop to it, instead of your normal WiFi, to configure it. The name of the hotspot is something like "Button ConfigureMe - A99", but ends with something else instead of A99. While you're connected to the button, your laptop won't be able to access the internet.

4. On your laptop, change your WiFi to connect to "Button ConfigureMe - A99". For the WiFi password, use the last eight numbers/letters of the DSN printed on the back of the button. Don't include any spaces, make sure the letters are all upper case, and for 'O' use zero ('0').

5. Click this URL, to open a new tab on your laptop:

That tab will show the configuration page for the button, which looks like this:

6. Now we configure the button to use your home's WiFi, and to send requests to stop.jetnoise. Fill in the form as follows:

Finally, click the 'Configure' button at the bottom and watch the button flashes - green good, red bad.

7. After a few seconds, your laptop should then disconnect from the button's WiFi hotspot, and reconnect to your normal WiFi.

8. Once your laptop is back on your home WiFi, we need to tell stop.jetnoise to link this button to your account. Go to, and type the full sixteen character DSN serial number (printed on the back of the button) into the box and click 'ADD'.

9. Click your button - after some seconds of white flashing, you'll see a steady green light for a few seconds. If you reload, you should see a new report appear ! Don't forget to delete this report if there wasn't actually a jet overhead ;)

If all of that doesn't work out, double and triple check step 6, in particular that you've told it how to use your home's WiFi; and step 8, make sure the DSN is correct.

If you get stuck, drop a note to