- Amazon IoT Buttons

Amazon have a programmable button that only costs $20. Buy them here.

If you have one, and want to configure it for stop.jetnoise, follow the following instructions ...

1. Download the two files at the bottom of this page, stopjetnoise-cert.crt and stopjetnoise-privatekey.key, onto your laptop.

2. Unpack the button from its box. Note the DSN, the sixteen character serial number on the back.

3. Click the button, keeping it pressed until it flashes blue (five seconds or so)

4. Connect your laptop's wifi to the new network "Button ConfigureMe - A99". Use the last eight numbers/letters of the DSN as the wifi connection password (no spaces)

5. Talk to the button, on its network, at and you'll see a form that looks like:
6. Fill in the form as follows:
  • Select your home's Wifi from the dropdown, add your password (the button needs WiFi!)
  • For 'certificate' and 'private key', select the stopjetnoise-cert and stopjetnoise-privatekey files
  • For 'endpoint subdomain' enter a27cpgf5x1acf9
  • For 'endpoint region' enter us-west-2
  • Click the 'I Agree' box, click the button, and then watch the button flashes - green good, red bad.
7. Once your laptop is back on your home WiFi, go to, and type the DSN serial number into the box and click 'ADD'.

8. Click your button - after some seconds of white flashing, you'll see a steady green light for a few seconds. If you reload, you should see a new report appear. Don't forget to delete this report if there wasn't actually a jet overhead ;)

If all of that doesn't work out, you might be in for some debugging; this can be quite involved. Double and triple check step 5, in particular that you've told it how to use your home's WiFi. 

Adam J Worrall,
Sep 3, 2016, 7:49 PM
Adam J Worrall,
Sep 3, 2016, 7:49 PM