Getting Started

How it works: you set it up just once. Then, every time you're disturbed by jet noise, you bring it up and just click the 'REPORT IT' button once. stop.jetnoise does everything else - it identifies which flight was overhead, and it will send in your complaints right into SFO's noise abatement office.

It is very easy to get set up ! stop.jetnoise is a website, but it works really well on phones. To use it on a phone, just use your mobile browser (Safari, or Chrome).

1. Visit in your browser.

2. Log in using your Facebook or Google account (no new password !). If you don't have either, click here to create a new Google account that works with your current email address.

Don't worry, we don't get access to your email or your vacation photos - all we get is your email address.

3. Enter your Full Name in a text box, without the full name your complaints might be rejected by SFO.

4. start typing your address, picking yours from the list:

As you type your address, Google Maps autocomplete will offer suggestions - click on the right one for your address:

When you get it right, you'll see your town, ZIP code, and lat/long appear in the greyed out boxes below:

5. You're setup ! Wait until you're disturbed by jet noise ... then just click once to report it !

6. For phones or tablets, use 'Add to Homescreen' - this puts an icon on your phone, just like your other apps, that will bring up the website. Instructions here.

7. Consider setting up an Amazon Button ! Instructions here.


  • The site uses cookies so you don't have to keep logging in. If you're using a privacy mode on your browser, this won't work well, and you'll have to keep logging in.
  • If you make a mistake, you can delete or edit your reports; they don't get sent off until the next day.
  • By default you will be sent an email summary each day, at 4am, for your records.
  • You can download all your reports as a CSV file at any time

More questions ? Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page.