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Gardening in the Library(?)

Even though we are still in the winter months, we are in the gardening mood in the library! Our shelves are too crowded so we need to weed out the old and damaged books in order for our students to be able to see the great books that we have as well as our new books that we are purchasing.

You do not need to be a Master library gardener to help. And we do need help with this project. Please fill out this form if you can donate any time, any day from now until May. Or you can call and talk to Donna or Lynne or just stop by the next time you are at school.

Books that we delete will be offered for free to our students at our 2nd annual Book Giveaway in May.


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Back Row: Valerie K, Jace G, Cole K, Kostas C, Luca V & Gabriel G

Front Row: Jacob M, Kinley M, Sophie M & Charlie B

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Mrs. Tharp - Library Paraprofessional
Mrs. Ostwald - Digital Teacher Librarian