Important Kindergarten Information

Year Books: Will go home this week!

Kindergarten Graduation: May 24, 9 am. We will be having Kindergarten Graduation at 9:00 am in the Gym. Come join us to celebrate your student's hard work this year! We will have donuts on the play ground after graduation, and we will pass out report cards and an end of the year gift. After donuts and playing, kindergarteners will go home for the summer! Please make sure you check in with your teacher before you take your kiddo home. We plan on being done with our entire celebration by 10:00 am, which is when you will be taking your kindergartner home. Please see your teacher before you leave to get your students report card, homework packet, and end of the year gift. 

Summer Homework: We will be making homework packets to send home! It is very important that you work with your student to complete this packet and to read EVERYDAY. Summer slide is a phenomenon that happens to all school age children. They forget all of the things they learned in the previous grade level, so when they start the new grade level, they look at a letter "a" and don't know the letter name or sound. It happens. To help combat this we want you to keep your kiddo's mind active by completing the homework packet and reading. 

Hat Day: Every Friday is Hat Day. If your student wants to wear a hat all they have to do is bring $1. This dollar goes to help pay for the 6th graders' Outdoor Lab.

The documents tab has been updated with important Fundations letter formation, pencil grip, and line information. Please check it out!

Poetry Folders: These folders help build your students recognition around high frequency words/sight words/ popcorn words. This is a fun way to see your students growth at home. Watch their pencil grip get stronger and them become more confident as students.

Things you can do at home to help your kindergartener: 5 and 6 year olds are still developing their fine motor skills, which means the ability to complete tasks with their hands. In order to build their fine motor skills encourage your students to color, write, and draw (holding their instrument the correct way). Also let them practice cutting with scissors, gluing, and crafting with different objects from around the house. Playing with playdoh, and picking up small objects with tweezers are also ways to build the muscles in their hands. 
Important help at home: Our kindergarteners need a little extra help this time of year with writing letters and numbers.  They also need help with recognizing letters and numbers with the proper sound and quantities. Please practice these skills with your kindergartener every night.

Popcorn Quiz words

Popcorn quizzes are going to start looking a little different. We will begin teaching concepts spelling rules/concepts along with popcorn words. 

popcorn words: friend, new, saw, for 


Long and short vowels, Magic "e" (kit to kite)
*remember that we quiz the same words several times over the year. 

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Important Dates

5/24: Kindergarten Graduation: 9:00 am
5/24: Report Cards go home, Last day of school.

Popcorn Words:

said, they, friend, come, this 

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