Parr Kindergarten

Important Kindergarten Information

Lafayette WOW! Children's Museum Field Trip:


On Monday February 4, we will be going to the WOW! Children's museum in Lafayette. . The cost of the field trip is $5.00. On the day of the field trip, please send your student with a disposable sack lunch. Our cafeteria can also provide sack lunches all you have to do is indicate your student's lunch choice on their permission slip. We will be departing the school at 9:15 and returning at 12:45. Finally if you are interested in chaperoning for the museum please indicate so on your student's permission slip. All chaperones will be contacted through Class Dojo, and have free entry to the museum. Please do not show up on the day of the field tip unless you were contacted by a teacher.

Enrollment Open House: Come and join us to reenroll for next year! If you have any friends or family members that are looking to Open Enroll in our school invite them to come. The more the merrier! Open enrollment night lasts from 6:00-7:00.

Raz-Kids: We use Raz-Kids, it is a reading program that guides your student through leveled reading books. Your student will receive a login, and a password. This program can be used on computers, tablets, iPads, and smart phones, through the internet or through downloading the app. We are getting the kids pretty excited about this at school so please download the app or go to the website to check it out,

Wednesday folder: Every Wednesday you will get this folder. It will have items you need to fill out and return like, book orders, permission slips, and important school paperwork on the left “do and return” side. In addition, it will have your students work and flyers with information on the right “keep at home” side. Please empty and return the folder with your signed pieces of paperwork by Monday of each week.

Poetry folder: Every Wednesday your student will get a poetry folder. In this folder will be a poem in the left “finish, and put in the prongs” pocket. These poems should be no surprise to your student we have been reading them in class. Your student and you need to read the poem several times (this help with reading fluency), circle or highlight all of the letters which that poem is focused on (eg; Cozy Carefree Camels circle or highlight all of the letter “c”) and complete the handwriting on the back. While working on this poem together you need to make sure they are using the correct pencil grip and the correct letter verbiage. Please complete the poem, put it in the prongs, and return it by Monday.

We are still expecting you to be reading 15-20 minutes EVERY night with your child along with the poetry folder. Your student should also be practicing the sight words you received at back to school night.

Book Orders: Both classes are members of Scholastic Book Club. We send home book orders for every month. Each book you order gives our classes points to purchase books, learning games, and supplies for your student's classroom. In your folders today you received August’s book order. This is a great way to get high interest books that your kiddos will LOVE to read, and spark the reading light in their hearts. It is also an opportunity to get appropriate lower reading levels for your student with sight words that they are learning in school to practice at home (so they can begin to do the reading). To order go to this Scholastic Link. You will need to use our class codes Mrs Miller: P6RZ7 Ms. vonDuhn: P7VBY

Even though we give out specific dates for our book orders, you are more than welcome to order online at any time, just let us know so we can process the order.

Things you can do at home to help your kindergartener: Read, you and your student need to be reading 15-20 minutes every night. The old sentiment of practice makes perfect really is true when it comes to reading. The more you and your student read the easier it becomes for everyone. Also, 5 and 6 year olds are still developing their fine motor skills, which means the ability to complete tasks with their hands. In order to build their fine motor skills encourage your students to color, write, and draw (holding their instrument the correct way). Also let them practice cutting with scissors, gluing, and crafting with different objects from around the house. Playing with playdoh, and picking up small objects with tweezers are also ways to build the muscles in their hands.

Weekly Schedule

1/14 8:10-2:10

AMP- Miller: PE, vonDuhn: Music

Chick-Fil-A Night

1/15 8:10-3:10

AMP-Miller: PE, vonDuhn: Music

Parr Enrollment Open House 6:00-7:00

1/16 8:10-3:10

Family Coffee Meeting, 8:20-9:20

AMP- Miller: Music, vonDuhn: Art

1/17 Miller and vonDuhn Library, 8:10-3:10

AMP- Miller: Music, vonDuhn: Art

1/18 8:10-3:10

AMP- Miller: Music, vonDuhn: Art

Contact Us

Kayanna vonDuhn

Lauren Miller

Important Dates

1/14: Chick-fil-a Night

1/15: Open Enrollment night 6:00-7:00

1/16: Family Coffee Meeting 8:20-9:20

1/21: MLK Jr. Day No School

2/1: 100th Day of Kindergarten

2/4: WOW! Field Trip

2/15: Early Release

2/18: No School- President's Day

Popcorn Words:

have, they, come, want

Wish list

Scotch thermal laminating pouches

Scotch Decorative masking tape

Important help at home: Our kindergarteners need a little extra help this time of year with writing letters and numbers. They also need help with recognizing letters and numbers with the proper sound and quantities. Please practice these skills with your kindergartener every night.