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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

How to Connect a BYOD to the Jefferson County Schools Network

Note: Students will not automatically be able to connect their personal devices to the Jeffco-Instructional (BYOD) network.

How will students connect to the Jeffco-Instructional (BYOD) network:

Both the student and a parent/guardian must agree to opt in to the network through Jeffco Connect. This screen will be included as a part of the online school registration process. Once both student and Parent/Guardian opt in, the students will be able to set up their personal devices to connect to the network.

This is  a two-step process for parents. Parents need to electronically sign the policy as well as approve your child to use the network. 

1. Log on to Jeffco Connect.

2. Click on the student's name to get the Agreements Tab to show up.

3. Click on the Agreements Tab

4. Parents need to click on Sign, then Accept on the next screen that appears (see below). After you have accepted the agreement, you will need to select Yes to allow the student to connect his/her personal device. If No is selected the student will not be allowed onto the Jeffco-Instructional (BYOD) network.

5.  Access will be granted 24 hours after both parent/guardian and student have agreed to the policy.

Students only need to sign and accept the BYOD agreement in Jeffco Connect. Students have access into Jeffco Connect with the same username and password that they use to get onto any district device. If a student has forgotten his/her password, use the JPS Password Reset tool in Campus to reset it.

Ute Meadows Elementary has the ability to revoke individual student access onto the Jeffco-Instructional (BYOD) network.

Community Access

We will continue to provide a community network (Jeffco-Community) which is intended for non-Jeffco individual (vendors, parent, etc.) and will have limited capabilities.  Users will not have access to Jeffco resources.  Community users will be required to provide credentials prior to connecting.