This folder contains links and documents related to the fundraiser processes. These items include: Fundraiser Tracking Spreadsheet, Fundraising Agreements, Fundraising Grid by Activity and Vendor, Jeffco Food based Fundraiser Approval Form, Fundraising Application, Crowdfunding, OELS Financial Procedures, Recording Student Fundraising Earnings, Talking Points Online Fundraising/Donation/Crowdfunding Sites. 

References and Resources is no longer being updated, please go to the district's website to find the most updated information. 

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Fundraiser Tracking Spreadsheet — An Excel spreadsheet to help keep track of fundraiser items given out to students, amount of expected revenue, amount of revenue brought back by the student and remaining items to be sold.

Public School Contract - Fundraising — This link will navigate to the Purchasing Website for must current contract/agreement.  You will click on Public School Contract.

Fundraising Grid by Activity and Vendor — Grid identifying whether an activity should be considered a fundraiser and what types of documentation are necessary.

Fundraiser Talking Points - This document will answer questions regarding Jeffco Fundraising. 

Jeffco Food-Based Fundraiser Approval Form — Food Fundraiser Exemption Form must be forwarded to Food and Nutrition prior to fundraiser begins.

Resource Documents:
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