Mrs. Lietzau's

English Classes

Class Schedule

Period 1: AP Lit. & Comp.

Period 2: AP Lit. & Comp.

Period 3: Plan


Period 4: British Lit.

Period 5: Lunch

Period 6: World Lit.

Period 7: World Lit.


It is your responsibility to check the class calendar when you are absent to see what you missed and be prepared for class the day you return.

Remember: ALL assignments assigned before your absence and due during your absence must be turned in immediately upon your return to class.

Long term assignments must be turned in on assigned due date regardless of absence.

As always, if you have any questions about the lessons or assignments, please come see me as soon as possible.

Summer Reading Assignments

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AP Literature & Composition

British Literature (English 12 Honors)

World Literature (English 11 Honors)