Interactive Media-Adobe Illustrator is a beginning level art class that focuses on building foundational graphic design skills. The purpose of the class is to introduce the computer generated art program Adobe Illustrator, which specializes in vector Illustrations and text design. By completing the class, students will build a skill set that meets the expectation of Illustrator skills required to attain an entry level position as a graphic designer.

All projects are designed to mirror the kind of commercial artwork that we see on a daily basis. In this class students will learn basic design skills to help develop posters, logos, typography, computer generated fine art, etc... All while using Adobe Illustrator as the medium for creation.

The class is a fun and welcoming environment open to all students regardless of your current computer skills or prior art knowledge. If you have questions about a graphic design class or would like more information before registering, stop by and see Mr. Burton in room B138.