Wish List

Dear parents,

The Bear Creek K-8 art department is in need of your assistance.  If you are interested in making donations to the art room with new or recycled materials, Ms. McDonald and Ms. Medina would truly appreciate your donations.  Please see the donation request list below.  

Donations Request for Ms. Medina’s art room:

       White copy paper


       Clorox/Antibacterial Wipes

Recycled materials needed

      Colored Yarn

      White cotton sheets or white cotton material

Donations Request for Mrs. McDonald’s art room:


Clorox/Antibacterial Wipes

Recycled materials needed

Plastic bags (especially colored plastic bags)

Bottle caps (plastic)

Colorful "odds and end" for a "found object" collage 

old cds and dvds 

The Art Department Thanks you!!