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Jedz is back for 2024!

After a brief hiatus spent joyously welcoming my daughter into the world, I'm thrilled to announce my return to the Jedz Moto realm! Brace yourselves for a wave of fresh updates and thrilling ventures. We're reigniting the MC Mechanics Podcast, unleashing exciting new content on YouTube, launching an apparel shop, and extending personalized services via Patreon and Discord. I can't wait to deliver content and entertainment that ignites your passion. My heart swells with gratitude for each and every subscriber who fuels the vibrant Jedz Moto Community. Thank you for your unwavering support!

In the unfolding chapters of this year, a daring endeavor awaits us as we set our sights on achieving the remarkable milestone of 200,000 miles with my trusty Water-cooled Bonneville T120. Facing this challenge head-on, we embark on a journey of uncertainty, especially considering the absence of support from Triumph's warranty. It's a test of endurance and resilience, as we eagerly anticipate witnessing how the venerable old bike stands the test of time. The road ahead holds both challenges and excitement, and I invite you to join me on this thrilling adventure!  Let's do this!!! 

About JedzMoto:

Hey there, fellow enthusiasts! I'm Jedz, and I'm super excited to share the heart and soul of Jedz Moto with you. the Jedz Moto mission is all about creating a welcoming space for both new and seasoned riders. We're not just about motorcycles; we're about a holistic and wholesome riding experience that goes beyond the bike.

For those who are just stepping into the world of motorcycles, we're here to influence and recruit you into this incredible community. It's not just about riding; it's about the freedom, camaraderie, and joy that comes with it. We want to be that guiding light on your journey, showing you the ropes and helping you fall in love with the open road.

And for our seasoned riders, we understand the importance of nostalgia and the thrill of the ride. That's why we create content that takes you back while also introducing fresh perspectives on how to savor every moment of those long rides. It's about reigniting that passion and reminding you of the reasons you first threw a leg over a bike.

Social media is our playground, and we're using it to spread the positive and enriching influence that owning a motorcycle brings. From breathtaking scenic routes to heartwarming stories of riders coming together, we're all about sharing the magic of the two-wheeled lifestyle.

JedzMoto isn't just a brand; it's a community of riders who share a common love for the Motorsport. We're on a mission to recruit and inspire, to turn newcomers into loyal patrons, and to celebrate the incredible world of motorcycles together. So, hop on, let's ride, and let's make lasting memories on the road! 🏍️✨

JEDZ STOCK 2024 will be at Coolidge State Park August 16th to the 18th! Stay tuned for more details and reservations.

About Jedz:

The eccentric Vermonter, known for his annual average of 30-35K miles on the road, boasts an impressive tally of nearly half a million miles over the past 15 seasons and has cycled through over 50 motorcycles in his time. Currently, he navigates the asphalt on a 2018 Triumph Bonneville T120, his trusted companion for the journey.  While his heart belongs to New England, he ventures beyond the familiar terrain, often carving his way through the Adirondacks, Catskills, Pocono, and Smokey Mountains, spreading his enthusiasm for the Motorsport. Nestled in central Vermont, he's equally at home on his land or in his workshop, where he can be found tinkering with motorcycles when he's not out riding.  Recognizable by his occasional hooligan antics, infectious laughter, and ceaseless discussions about motorcycles, he is also a devout Bhakti Yogi, intertwining his spirituality into every ride. For him, the motorcycle serves as a sacred altar, blending his passion for riding with his spiritual journey.

Current Events:

Currently planning many 2024 tours and rides! Stay-tuned with JedzMoto with Youtube to see if I'm coming through a town near you! I always love meeting my subscribers and viewers! 

Currently pushing the envelope with my 2018 Triumph Bonneville T120.  Proudly serviced by Cycelwise Triumph Vermont. 

Contact me at Jedz@jedzmoto.com 

Email me any time!  I also implore folks to follow me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  Quite active there and love to hear back from my followers.

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IN Memory of Our Fellow Riders

We will never forget those good friends and riding companions that are no longer with us. 

Jack Daley 

Bob Hudson

Allan Loewy

Andy Pilla