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It was a Busy 2019 Season!

I was on multiple Podcasts and Youtube channels this year. Also generated some of my own Youtube videos with my T120! Please check out the hosts with the most!! I managed to get on 31K miles this past year so all in all a solid and fun season! Please make sure you follow me on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the craziness to come!

About JedzMoto:

JedzMoto's mission is to influence and recruit new riders by providing them with reliable motorcycles and motorcycle parts at low and fair pricing. JedzMoto primarily uses social media to spread the positive and enriching influence that owning a motorcycle can bring. JedzMoto drives to help recruit and inspire new and upcoming riders to become loyal patrons to the Motorsport.

New for 2020! JedzMoto will be selling some motorcycles!!! (hopefully) Also planning on starting a podcast soon of general average joe MC owners, riders and mechanics. Supplying the world with quality machines, parts and knowledge!

About Jedz:

Crazy Vermonter that rides on average 30-35K miles a season. Has over 1/3 million miles under his belt in the past 13 seasons and has had the better part of 50 motorcycles. Currently rides a 2018 Triumph Bonneville T120 as the primary stead. Can be found primarily east of the Mississippi, although he loves riding his native New England he is often also found carving up the Adirondacks, Catskills, Pocono and Smokey Mountains. Avid motorcycle enthusiast trying his best to keep the Motorsport alive and well. He's nested in central Vermont and when not on the bike can be found working on his land or a motorcycle with beer in hand. Can be identified by some form of hooliganism, his laugh or non stop talk of anything and everything motorcycle.

Current Events:

Currently planning my 2020 cross country trip! Stay-tuned with JedzMoto with Youtube to see if I'm coming through a town near you! I always love meeting my subscribers and viewers!

Currently pushing the envelope with my 2018 Triumph Bonneville T120. Proudly serviced by Cycelwise Triumph Vermont.

Contact me at Jedz@jedzmoto.com

Email me any time! I also implore folks to follow me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Quite active there and love to hear back from my followers.

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IN Memory of Our Fellow Riders

We will never forget those good friends and riding companions that are no longer with us.

Jack Daley

Bob Hudson

Allan Loewy

Andy Pilla