Meet the Staff


Ian is a senior who has spent nearly the entirety of his last twelve years learning how to be a better writer. He specializes in non-fiction writing: specifically in literary analysis, persuasive essays, and critical writing. However, he still enjoys reading fiction as much as anybody else and would be happy to give honest feedback on any short stories or poetry presented. He is currently the president of JA's own Writing Club, and he can not wait to use his love of writing to help you out!


Calee may be a reserved person, but her writing speaks differently. Calee has always been passionate about writing and English ever since she was little. Calee is part of Jefferson Academy’s Speech and Debate team and from that, she has lots of experience in persuasive & argumentative writing and speech writing. On her free time, Calee enjoys taking photos and working out.


Outside of school, Ashley enjoys volunteering, gardening, and traveling. To relax, she draws, colors, and writes code. She specializes in writing research essays and lab reports. Math, science, and visual arts are her best subjects inside of school. Beyond high school, Ashley plans on studying mechanical engineering and robotics.


Jack likes long walks on the beach, using the word catalyst in his writings, and going to see films at the local cinema. Jack’s favorite classes include anything History or English, and he has a lot of experience writing informative and argumentative essays. Jack wants to study marketing and film in college. Outside of school you can find Jack driving cars, talking to other people, and wearing shirts.


KJ is a very active member of her community. She is in a horse organization called Westernaires and loves to ride horses. In her free time enjoys writing short stories, singing, acting, and loves to adventure. When she is not on stage or in an arena she is out swimming in a lake or spending the evening in downtown Denver. Her favorite genre to write about is the supernatural but she also loves all kinds sci-fi. KJ is very excited to be a writing center tutor and is looking forward to meeting you!


Ellie is a Senior at Jefferson Academy who enjoys creative and argumentative writing. Her best subjects in school are English and History, but her favorite class is Yearbook. Ellie wants to study Public Administration or Political Science in college. Outside of school, Ellie is a sprinter on the JA track team and enjoys spending time with her family. She loves taking her adorable dogs on hikes and enjoys the outdoors.

Faculty supervisors

Kristine Risch (PM)