Who needs a writing center, anyway?

You do. When working with you, our tutors have two main goals: to help you pinpoint areas of weakness in your writing, and to help you develop strategies to overcome those weaknesses. Every writer struggles with something; great writers know where they struggle and work actively to improve. We want to help you become a great writer.

We are willing to look at all kinds of writing, including:

  • argumentative (e.g., essays and articles in which you try to prove a point)

  • narrative and creative (e.g., fiction and poetry)

  • informative (e.g., essays and articles in which you explain something to your reader)

  • research (e.g., essays and articles that utilize information from different sources)

  • lab reports

We can help you at every step of the writing process, including:

  • brainstorming a topic

  • organizing ideas

  • developing a thesis

  • gathering evidence

  • structuring the assignment

  • writing specific paragraphs

  • revising drafts

  • finalizing the assignment before submission

We can also help you with specific elements of writing, including:

  • introducing your topic

  • crafting an argument

  • choosing effective evidence

  • analyzing evidence

  • introducing and citing sources

  • describing setting and character

  • plot development

  • writing for an audience

  • sentence clarity and word choice

  • grammar and punctuation

  • making smooth transitions

  • creating a Works Cited page

  • and more!