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Mission Statement
Every stakeholder, every 
day working toward achievement 
3rd and 6th grades' testing schedule 
4/23-ELA Reading 
4/24-ELA Writing 
4th and 7th grades' testing schedule 
4/26- Math
4/30- ELA Reading 
5/1- ELA Writing 

5th and 8th grades' testing schedule 
5/2- ELA Reading 
5/3-ELA Writing 
5/6- Math 
Box Tops 
If you have any Box Tops, please send them to school. 

district's 1st countywide Chess Tournament, Angel Adams won 2nd place in her division and Kole South won 5th place! 

Upcoming Dates/Events
April 23 MAAP begins 
May 1 AR cut off
May 15 AR movie 
May 16 Award's Day/ Field Day
May 17-21 exams 
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Instagram page @fairviewcards
Kelcie won 1st place in the Farm Bureau Coloring Conest.
 KD and Draven also won. 
For teachers' remind codes look under the resources tab.