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Reading/Language Arts

In our classroom, we use the Daily 5 Structure for Reading/Language Arts. Each day, students work in 5 stations:
Read to Self - sometimes I assign reading and sometimes their reading is self-selected,
Read with a Partner - students work with a partner to improve reading fluency, practice new vocab, and share leveled readers, 
Word Work - we learn new spelling patterns, literary terms, Greek and Latin roots, suffixes and prefixes and play with words,
Work on Writing - students use a process for writing each week.  We write persuasive, opinion, and informative pieces.  
Listen to Reading -  Sometimes we listen to recordings of the Wonders books.  Sometimes we listen to recordings of age-
appropriate chapter books.

The timing structure we use is similar to THIS. At the beginning of the year, the students learn my expectations for the work
to be done in each station. Eventually, they will be offered the opportunity to make choices about partners and station order.

We use McGraw Hill's Wonders Reading materials along with other supplemental materials and self-selected reading.  
Current parents can email me for a full year spelling list for the year.  

I teach many study skills during our Reading block.  Students make vocabulary cards, write sentences and paragraphs
 and work together to learn new words.  We have whole group lessons and work in small groups and individually every single 
day.  Our Daily 5 Notebooks are chalk full of skills for improving comprehension, learning new vocabulary, and using a workable 
writing process.  The students slowly work toward independence.  

Students are assigned a Day #.  On their day, they will hand in a letter to me about their independent reading in a Reading 
Journal Notebook.  Each letter should be in the friendly letter format that I show them at the beginning of the year.  There 
are examples of letters and the requirements checklist in their notebooks.  During the 2013-14 school year, my Professional 
Learning Community read the book by Donalyn Miller called The Book Whisperer.  We adopted this Reader Response 
Notebook approach.  We see our students becoming wild readers.  I have also studied the companion book, Reading in the 
Wild.  Donalyn Miller knows a lot about reading!  I like to think it has something to do with her last name.  :)

You will find each week's lessons here:

Gr 3 Wonders Weekly

Gr 4 Wonders Weekly