2022 Elected Officers

Chapter elections for 2022 board members

Our chapter elections were held November 9, 2021. That was the official hand-off to new directors at the December meeting. This is intended to smooth out the transition process giving outgoing officers more time to help incoming directors transition into their new positions.

ISC² Silicon Valley Chapter 2022 board election results:


  • Anna Pasupathy

Secretary: ❓

  • position is open


  • Anna Pasupathy (Acting); position is available

Membership Director:

  • Angel Reyes

Communications Director: ❓

  • position is open

Training Director:

  • Aneirin Nunn

Election procedure

Article VII of the chapter bylaws sets rules for elections. Candidates may self-nominate until 3 days before the election (Sat Nov 7). At that time, ballots will be emailed to members from the Election Team, which consists of chapter volunteers who are not running for any positions. Ballots are due Tuesday, November 10 at the meeting, when the Election Team will tabulate and announce the results.

Any positions which remain open at 3 days before the meeting will not appear on the ballot form. The Election Team will preside over a voice vote at the meeting for those positions. Technically those positions are vacancies to be filled by appointment, a procedure from Article V Section 4. We'll use the election voice vote to select a candidate for each remaining position, for approval by the Board at its next meeting.

All positions up for election

All the positions on the ISC² Silicon Valley Chapter Board of Directors are up for election each calendar year. These are volunteer positions. Please consider if you can help with a turn at one of them. Like all volunteer groups, it's essential for the health of our community to always look for more volunteers as people's availability changes over time.

Up for election will be President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Director, Membership Chair and Training Director. Responsibilities and authority of these roles are described on the chapter officer roles page.

The position of Treasurer is open for appointment immediately to fill a vacancy.

Who can run?

Holders of (ISC)² certifications (CISSP, CSSLP, SSCP, CCSP, CAP) in good standing who live or work in Santa Clara or San Mateo Counties may consider themselves members of the Silicon Valley chapter. That includes voting and eligibility to serve on the chapter's Board of Directors.

There are two other (ISC)² chapters in the Bay Area. Alameda and Contra Costa Counties are within the East Bay Chapter's region. The City & County of San Francisco has its own chapter.

2022 Election Team

The three-member following team will run the election. Election Team members are not eligible to run for any positions in the election.

    • Ian Kluft

    • Rick Allen

    • Sathish Ramachandran

If you would like to run for a board position please submit your intention and candidate statement in writing which will be forwarded to the Election Team.

Declared Candidates


  • 😎 you?


  • 😎 you?

Communications Director

  • 😎 you?

Appointed Positions

The current standing committees are: Nominations, Communications Team, Training Team, Technology

Technology Chair:

  • Ian Kluft