Welcome to Team 6-1

4th Quarter is here! As the weather turns warmer (we hope), let's stay focused and finish as strong as we've done all year!

Looking for tutoring? There is a group of D204 high school honor students, many of whom are former Still students, who have formed a free tutoring group that meets at the 95th Street Naperville Public Library on Sunday afternoons. For the registration form, click here. For the Team Tutors website, click here.

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Contact Information:
Angie Bushelle
Science, Project Arrow Science, and Social Studies
630.375.3900 x5793

Kristen Evenhouse
English Language Arts and Project Arrow Social Studies
630.375.3900 x5821

Laura Georgias
Support Teacher
630.375.3900 x5812

Kristen O'Toole (Instructional Leader)
Project Arrow English Language Arts and Project Arrow Social Studies
630.375.3900 x5811

Tracy Popper
Math, Accelerated Math, Project Arrow Math, and Social Studies
630.375.3900 x5798


Still Team 6-1