Student Resources


Some of the below sites can be accessed through Single Sign On (SSO), without an additional login. If a site says (SSO) after it, it is easiest for students to access it by using their district username and password by clicking the link above to IPSD Single Sign On.
  1. Culturegrams (SSO)

  2. Destiny Online Catalog (SSO)

  3. Dictionary

  4. DK Find Out

  5. Exploring Nature ***

  6. Facts4Me

  7. Kid Rex (search engine)

  8. Kids Infobits ***

  9. National Geographic Kids

  10. PebbleGo (SSO)

  11. PebbleGoNext (States & Native Americans, Biographies, Science and Social Studies) (SSO)

  12. Photos for Class

  13. SIRS Discoverer (SSO)

  14. World Book (SSO)

  15. World Book Early World of Learning (SSO)

  16. World Book Kids (SSO)

  17. World Book Student (SSO)

***These sites require a password when attempting to access from home. Log in to Google, then click here to see the passwords for sites with ***.