Hill Middle School Orchestra

Hill Middle School Orchestra

Books and Supply List 2023 - 2024

Please find listed below the supplies and books your student will need for orchestra class. Quinlan & Fabish Music Store will deliver instruments and supplies directly to Hill. (www.qandf.com, 630-654-4111)

Some music stores in the area include:

Quinlan and Fabish Music  Austin’s Violin Shop        Gregory Sapp Violins

PM Music Naperville Music Music and Arts


1.  A quality *Instrument, Bow and Case with a Name Tag  

     Please make sure to rent the size of the instrument indicated by the orchestra teacher

2.  Shoulder Rest (Everest Brand - same size as instrument) Violin and Viola only

3.  * Method Book (please see below)

4.  Hamilton Classic Folding Music Stand (for home use)

      Please do not purchase the Hamilton Deluxe Folding Music Stand

5.  Three Ring Binder & Pencil

6.  Soft Cloth (washcloth or dust rag) to be stored in instrument case

*Required Method Books:

Please make certain each book is for the instrument your child plays.

Grade 6: 

Essential Elements Book 1 copyright 2004 (Allen, Gillespie, and Hayes Pub. Hal Leonard) 


Grade 7: 

Essential Elements Book 1 copyright 2004 (Allen, Gillespie, and Hayes Pub. Hal Leonard)    

Essential Elements Book 2 copyright 2004 (Allen, Gillespie, and Hayes Pub. Hal Leonard)   


Grade 8: (same as 7th grade)

Essential Elements Book 2 copyright 2004(Allen, Gillespie, and Hayes Pub. Hal Leonard)     


Please notify the orchestra directors if you plan to purchase an instrument for your child. Although there are inexpensive string instruments available, many of them are of poor quality, require many expensive repairs, and may not be returnable. The orchestra directors can help you find quality instruments available through various area stores and online shops. Also, the orchestra directors will size your child so that he/she is playing on the appropriately-sized instrument. Instruments that are too large make playing correctly and progressing very difficult. Please read the Purchasing an Instrument Guide for more detailed information. 

If your child is having Chromebook issues, please email support@ipsd.org 

or call 630-375-3890 and a Tech Support staff member will assist you. 

Instrument Order/Return/Exchange/Repair

If you need to order, return, exchange or have an instrument repaired, please go directly to your instrument rental's music store. If you are renting from Quinlan & Fabish your child's orchestra teacher will communicate directly with the music company and they will deliver and pick up all materials from/to Hill. You may also choose to contact them at 630-654-4111 or  https://www.qandf.com/locations/.

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