Welcome 6-1 Frogs!

Let's "leap" into a great school year and "hop" into learning. 
Bring a positive attitude and a passion for learning. 

Nicole Anetsberger, TC
630.428.6300 ext. 9332

       Glenda Gustafson
       630.428.6300 ext. 9342

       Kevin Reagan
       630.428.6300 ext. 9336

       Daniel Sandine
       630.428.6300 ext. 9328    

       Katie Mayle
       630.428.6300 ext. 
       Juliette Khames
       630.428.6300 ext. 9302    

       Mia Olaszek
       630.428.6300 ext. 9366    

Don't forget to charge your Chromebook each night!


Interim Progress Reports (IPR) are uploaded to Home Access Center (HAC) every Monday morning for families to view.  This will allow you to see a snapshot of your student’s grade in each class on a weekly basis. 

Report Cards and Progress reports will also be available through HAC. 

Dates to Know:

  • No School 8/29 
  • Technology Night 8/31
  • Curriculum Night 9/6
  • No School 9/5
  • Progress Report Grade posted to HAC 9/19
  • No School 10/10
  • Report Card Grade posted to HAC 10/28

Team Policies & Procedures
Team 6-1 students are expected to follow the three R's: Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships. Please see Gregory assignment notebook for school rules.

Tardy Policy:
1st = verbal warning
2nd = phone call home
3rd = school detention

*Record your assignments daily in your assignment notebook
*Check Google Classroom for homework assigned in class
*Little to no late homework is expected.  Late homework will result in a penalty in the life skills- work completion category

*When absent ask teacher for absent buddy sheet to see what you missed in class
*Absent work is expected to be completed in a timely manner
*If absent more than 3 days contact guidance office for missed assignments and classwork

*Students will not be given work in advance for vacations or extended absences and encouraged to check Google Classroom 

If you do not perform well on an assessment please see your teacher.