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About the Department

The Philosophy department has highly qualified teachers with a wide range of expertise, with some faculty members having additional qualifications in Law and Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication. These enable the students to enter the discipline by undertaking explorations into areas which affect their everyday lives and the events around them. The Department carries out ongoing assessment of students through assignments, group presentations, discussions, class tests and has an active tutorial system that ensures personal teacher-student interaction in addressing course-related issues. The progress of every batch of students is tracked by analyzing their results and comparing them every year to the performance of students of a few other colleges with a similar profile to ours. This exercise of preparing comparative results has continuously shown that our students are doing very well in their peer group by obtaining positions in the university results. The Department has almost 100% pass percentage among the students graduating every year. Many of them pursue higher studies and are now teaching in different colleges of University of Delhi and working in the Media and Corporate Organizations.
     The Department blends conventional methods i.e. classroom lectures and the use of the blackboard with computer-mediated methods i.e. PowerPoint presentations. Students have over the years been taken on educational tours to places like the Lotus temple, Art galleries , Museums, Nehru Planetarium and other monuments to expound on the philosophical principles underlying these. The department also organizes excursions every year. The faculty assists students in making decisions relating to further studies and career choices. Philosophy is truly interdisciplinary and lies on the cutting edge of subjects, providing an entry into each and every aspect of our personal, professional and public life. Thus it provides many opportunities to its students and teachers. This has encouraged the faculty to develop in many directions like law, mass communication etc. The Department over the years has encouraged students to write quality papers and participate in International Conferences. Six students in the past years have participated in such conferences at Bangkok, Prague, Istanbul, Oxford - London and Athens - Greece. The College administration has supported students by paying their registration fee to participate in these conferences. Paper presentations by students, faculty paper presentation sessions within the Department and exposure to eminent resource persons in extension lectures, seminars etc. are regularly organized by the Department. All such activities the Department undertakes with seriousness and regularity. It has over the years organized many International and National Seminars which have been productive and inspirational for students. Students are also encouraged to take part in paper presentation in inter college competitions organized by other colleges. They have won many prizes in such competitions. The faculty guides and helps the students to prepare quality presentations. Our findings over the years indicate that our students have excelled in academics as well as they take active part in college extracurricular activities which helps in their all round personality development. Many students have held important positions in the College Union like President and Secretary and also Presidents of various ECA societies. Students have been awarded Outstanding student' award and some of them have been a part of The Principal's Honor Roll since its inception.

Last Updated on :- 4, January 2016