My work

  1. I have customized Moodle for Inmantec Business School. The site is known as Course Management System
  2. A snapshot:-
  3. I have also deployed Google Apps for Inmantec. Url is
  4. A snapshot:-

  5. Linux for you magazine, a magazine of Open Source published an my article on Moodle in its December 2010 edition. Article web-link on linuxforyou.
  6. My work:- Moodle
  7. Above case study was published on official Moodle site at Moodle Buzz section
  8. My earlier blog post on Moodle was appreciated by Moodle news dot com. Excerpt from the site.

    Gaurav Parashar, a staff member at Inmantec Institution in Delhi, India just shared a great post that outlines his institution’s struggles with providing students information and instruction via hybridized courses using a non-Moodle system and how Inmantec was able to mitigate many of the issues with the adoption of Moodle. It’s a great story of  the various struggles institutions often have prior to adopting a contemporary LMS, including the issues of adoption and future road-map that will continue to improve their course delivery and student-teacher interactions..... “

  9. It was published on 11 October,2010.
  10. The same news was also published in Rashtriya Sahara on 19 October,2010.