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Discussion Questions on Sunday's Sermon

December 3, 2023

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Isaiah 61, John 1:14, Luke 4:16-21
Identity & Calling: Christ's & Ours

1. What stands out to you from hearing these verses?  Is God offering an invitation or a challenge to you through those words?  Take time to pray about it.

2. What does the “Incarnation” of Christ mean? 

3. What does the metaphor of a dance tell us about the relationship between our Identity in Christ and our Calling as Christians? 

4. What pictures of the Kingdom of Heaven are we given in Isaiah and from other promises in the Bible?  What might that look like in Hamilton?  What about in your life and family?

5. How does the Isaiah picture of the Kingdom of Heaven come through Jesus?

6. How does the Isaiah picture of the Kingdom of Heaven as Jesus lived it now come through our lives and living as we follow Jesus?  How might the kingdom come through your life this week?

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