Visiting Alumni Lectures
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Anuj Varshneya,
BE Civil 1982

The Lecture series provides a forum for Alumni to share their experiences with students on campus. IITRHF will facilitate the logistics for lectures as well as facilitate activities such as booking a lecture hall, advertising talk on campus, make lodging/ boarding arrangements in VIP guesthouse, and (if needed) transportation from Delhi to Roorkee. Some of our guest speakers are listed below.

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Students' feedback for our efforts

Mohinder Nayyar
BE Mech 1966

Alumni Energy Center
24 Nov 2012

Dr. Hari Dutt Sharma
BE Civil 1964

Sustainability and Waste Management
1 Nov 2012

Praveen Gupta
BE E&C 1978

Innovation for Entrepreneurs: Raising Barriers to Entry
25 Aug 2012

Prof. Brij Agrawal
ME Mech 1966

Space Systems: Trends in communication and imaging satellites
28 Feb 2011

Subramaniam Arasakesari
BE Pulp & Paper 1987

Process Modeling in the Pulp & Paper Industry
22 Nov 2010

Dr. Rakesh Agrawal
BE E&C 1974

Data Externality
2 Oct 2010

Varun Gupta
B Architecture 2004

Construction Mgmt. Industry in US
12 Nov 2010

Ramesh Mehra
E Mech 1969

Entrepreneurship 101
25 Mar 2010

Sushil Mohan
(with mom)

BE Ind 1981

Introduction to Pore Pressure & Fracture Gradient Theory
22 Mar 2010

Vivek Dutta
BE Met 1969

Metallurgy/ Materials Science is more close to physics than engineering
18 Feb 2010

Anil Mehrotra
BE Mechanical 1967

Energy from waste
8 Nov 2009

Harish Goyal
BE Civil 1979

IITR Heritage Foundation - Conception, Execution, and Going Forward

13 Oct 2009

Shreyas Kumar
B Architecture 1998

Working with remote teams across different countries
10 Sep 2009