Associate Professor

Room No. 227, First Floor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

(IIT Jodhpur)

eMail: df@iitj.ac.in

Office Phone +91 291-2801355

I work on Control Theory and Applications of Control Theory. Control is an essential, yet invisible tool, to achieve many important objectives for a system. In application of control, i work on Microgrid, electric vehicles and Real Time Scheduling using control theory. Regarding theoretical work on control, i work on Event Triggered Control for different systems and in particular singularly perturbed systems.

I am a faculty member at Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Jodhpur. I earned Ph.D. degree from IIT Bombay in 2009. I have been serving IIT Jodhpur since 2011.

Research Interest

  • Cyber Physical Systems

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Event Triggered Control Systems

  • Control of Micro-Grids

Research Grants

  • Development of System to Mitigate Second Order Harmonic Ripple in AC/DC Microgrid using Advanced Control Techniques (Core Research Grant, SERB-DST, Ongoing)

  • Co-Principle Investigator of Hub & Spoke Consortia for e2Wand e3W Electric Drives – Design, Development and Prototyping of Advanced IM and Synchronous Reluctance Drives and Vehicle Integration for e2Wand e3w Applications (On Going)

  • Development of Programmable PV emulator, Funding Agency: DST (Completed)

  • Co-Principle Investigator of Establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Solar Thermal Research and Education; I am developing smart DC grid as a part of this project. Funding Agency: MNRE (completed)

  • Co-Principle Investigator of Energy Efficient Building. Funding Agency: DST (Completed)


Ph.D. Students (Completed)

  • Dr. Suresh Singh: Mitigation of Negative Impedance Instabilities in DC/DC Converters and DC-Microgrids using Nonlinear Control (Completed 2016). (Working in Enerxinx Power System Consulting, Bangalore)

  • Dr. Ram Niwash Mahia: Input-Output Dynamic Properties of Complex Networks (completed 2018). (Working as a Faculty member with NIT Hamirpur)

  • Dr. Aditya Raw Gautam: Nonlinear Control for Mitigation of Second-order Harmonic Ripple Problem in Single-Phase Inverters (Completed 2019). (Working as a Faculty member with BITS Pilani)

  • Dr. Manisha Bhandari : Event Triggered Control of Singularly Perturbed Systems (Completed 2020) (Registered in RTU; Jointly Supervised) (Working as faculty member with RTU Kota)

  • Dr. Nupur Rathore: Sliding Mode Control strategies for energy efficiency and power quality in power converters (Completed March 2020). (Working with Mercedes Benz, Bangalore, R&D as a Senior Technical Lead. )

  • Dr. Shivam Chaturvedi: Robust Control Techniques for Virtual Impedance Shaping to Mitigate and Share the Double Line Frequency Ripple in Microgrids (Completed in March 2021) (Joined Michigan State University as Post-Doc Researcher).

Ph.D. Students (In Progress)

  • Poonam Sahoo: Event-Triggered Control (In Progress).

  • Mohit Kachhwaha: Control issues in Power Converters (In Progress).

M.Tech. Students

  • Raju Jaitwar Sliding Mode Control of an Active Suspension System at IIT Guwahati April 2011

  • Priyanka Bhartiya Development of Sensor less buck converter for high current applications, July 2013

  • Nupur Rathore Development of programmable PV Emulator, July 2013 (Jointly supervised) [Joined IITJ for Ph.D.]

  • Supratim Shit, Consensus algorithms for multi-agent system. July 2013 (Jointly supervised)

  • Shruti Srivastava: Development of Feedback Controlled System Architecture for Scheduling Hard and Soft Real Time Tasks on a Multiprocessor Platform, July 2015. (Currently working as a Senior Manager, Morgan Stanley)

  • Mahaveer Singh: Characterization of Sets of Driver Nodes of Complex Networks with Actuators Saturation, July 2015. (Works in DRDO)

  • Mohit Kachhwaha: Modeling of Z and Quasi-Z source DC-DC converters for Variable Frequency Operation July 2017 (Joined IIT/J for Ph.D.)

  • Lobzang Namgail: Event triggered Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control July 2017 (Joined IISc for Ph.D.)

  • Jitendra Rathore: Dynamic Performance Improvement of Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier Using ISM Control (Joined as Deputy Manager, Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles, Indore)

  • Arimardan Chauhan: Analysis of Multi source single load system considering cable resistance in droop controlled DC microgrid (Joined as Asst. manager, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Gurugram)

  • Sandeep Yadav (2020): Integral Sliding Mode Control Of Induction Motor For Electric Vehicles (Working as JRF, NIT Bhopal).

  • Sanskrati Upadhyay (2021): Designing Scheduling Algorithms for Mixed Criticality Real Time Systems on Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor Platforms. (Joined Intel).

  • Irfan Ahmad (2021): Integral Sliding Mode Control (ISMC) in Dual Input qZSI. (Joined Ph.D. program from University of Rhode Island (USA) )

  • Sameer Duriseti (2021): Robust Control of Power Converters for Welding Applications