Assistant Profesor,
            Department of Electrical Engineering 
            Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IIT Jodhpur)
            eMail: df@iitj.ac.in  
            Office Phone +91 291-244-9051 


I work on Control of Networked Systems and Microgrid. Control is an essential, yet invisible, tool to achieve many important objectives for the system. Microgrid is one of the promising ways to integrate and distribute locally produced electricity. However, there are several challenges need to be addressed to make Microgrid as one of the acceptable solutions. At present I am working on DC Microgrid.

Networked System has been studied to achieve some of the objectives collectively. Application domain includes robotics, power system, social network to mention but a few. In this work we explore different complex networks and try to understand relative importance of different nodes. 



Research Interest     
  • Control of Micro-Grids
  • Control of Event Triggered Systems
  • Control of Complex Networks

Research Grants
  • Development of Programmable PV emulator, Funding Agency: DST (Completed)
  • Co-Principle Investigator of  Establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Solar Thermal Research and Education; I am developing smart DC grid as a part of this project. Funding Agency: MNRE (ongoing)
  • Co-Principle Investigator of Energy Efficient Building. Funding Agency: DST 

Thesis Supervised

Ph.D Thesis
  • Suresh Singh: Mitigation of Negative Impedance Instabilities in DC/DC Converters and DCMicrogrids using Nonlinear Control(Completed).
  • Ram Niwash Mahia: Input-Output Dynamic Properties of Complex Networks (Thesis Submitted).
  • Aditya Raw Gautam: Power Quality issues in DC Microgrid (In Progress).
  • Nupur Rathore: DC Microgrid (In Progress).
  • Shivam Chaturvedi: DC Microgrid (In Progress)
M.Tech Thesis    
  • Raju Jaitwar (09410243)  Sliding Mode Control of an Active Suspension System  at IIT Guwahati April 201
  • Priyanka Bhartiya Development of Sensor less buck converter for high current applications, July 2013 at IIT/
  • Nupur Rathore Development of programmable PV Emulator, July 2013 (Jointly supervised) at IIT/J
  • Supratim Shit, Consensus algorithms for multi-agent system. July 2013 (Jointly supervised) at IIT/J
  • Shruti Srivastava: Development of Feedback Controlled System Architecture for Scheduling Hard and Soft Real Time Tasks on a Multiprocessor Platform, July 2015.
  • Mahveer Singh: Characterization of Sets of Driver Nodes of Complex Networks with ActuatorsSaturation, July 2015.
  • Mohit Kachhawa: Modeling of Z and Quasi-Z source DC-DC converters for Variable Frequency Operation July 2017
  • Lobzang Namgail: Event triggered Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control July 2017