Education and Work Experiences

PhD Thesis Submissions  

PhD Graduate Research Assistant, Thesis - RNA-Seq technology & R. glutinis, Dept of Veterinary Medicine & Dept of Chemical Engg, Mississippi State Univ, USA

PhD Certificate of Diligent Study, Thesis - Metabolic Pathway Engineering, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Sciences Dept., University of Cambridge, UK, (Internship at Chemical & Materials Engg. dept., Newcastle Univ, UK)

PhD Dr.-Ing Thesis - Big Data MultiOmics, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Leipzig, Germany

PhD in Biotechnology Thesis - Machine Learning Supercomputing Statistics in Bioinformatics, University in Rajasthan, India  

Experienced Researcher Work

Biomedical Informatics Scientist (Post Doc), UEF, Finland, ‘20 

Genetics Musculoskeletal diseases, Bar Ilan University, Israel '18

Marie Curie Exp Researcher, Martin Luther Univ, Germany '15

Marie Curie Exp Researcher, Mosaiques Diagnostics, Germany '12

Scientific Programmer, University of Groningen, Netherlands ‘12 

PostDoc HPC Human Genomics, Univ of Toronto/SickKids, '07

Master's level education

MBA Finance/General Management, Thesis Chair - M&A, Handelshochshule HHL, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany, program partnered with MIT/Harvard Business School/Boston University, USA

Global Executive MBA Modules, Kedge Business School, France

MS Major1: Computer Science, Major2: Biomedicine, Major3: Statistics, University of Eastern Finland

MS (Erasmus+), Computer Science / Bioinformatics, University of Vienna, Austria

MS (Erasmus), Management and Finance, Kedge Business School, France

M.Tech, Biochemical Engg & Biotechnology, IIT Delhi, India

Post Graduate Education

PGCDS Finance & Business ( Kedge Business School, France),

Graduate Research Assistant (College of Vet Med) with Course Credits in Computer Science & Human Resources (MS State Uni, USA),

PGCBA (MS in Data Science equivalent) in Business Analytics (insAnalytics, India)

Undergraduate Education

B.Tech, Major1- Computer Science & Mathematics, Major2 - Biotechnology, Major3- Chemical Engineering, IIT Delhi, India

B.E.( Freshman, Electrical Engineering, DTU, formerly DCE, Delhi, India), Credits in Cell Biology (UNM, USA), 

Audit Lectures

Domain Expertise: Biomedical Bioinformatics, HPC, Parallel BioComputing, Grid & Cloud computing, Metabolic Pathway Engineering, Bioreactor Design, Financial Valuation, Derivatives, M&A, Biofuel, Biopharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals 

Business Intelligence, Strategy, Pattern Match, Information Systems (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Advance Parallel Computing (Virginia Tech, USA), Plant Development (University of Toronto, Canada), Artificial Intelligence (MSU, USA)

Faculty Engagement

Faculty - Adjunct (Schiller International University, USA / Germany), Faculty- Research Scientist (School of Medicine, University of Virginia, USA), 

Adjunct Faculty (Computer Science, Virginia Tech, USA), 

Faculty HOD of Engineering, also taught Paramedics & Management, IPSR, New Delhi, India), 

Faculty (Physics & Chemistry, PACE, New Delhi, India), Faculty HOD (Chemistry, Pie Education, New Delhi, India)



1. Operations Research & Game Theory (MBA)

2. Physics for Engineers and Aspirants

3. Physical Chemistry for Aspirants

4. Mathematics & AI for Beginners

5. Genetics & Bioinformatics

6. High Performance Computing (Computer Science)

7. Management of Networks (Computer Science)

8. Project Management (MBA)

10. Entrepreneurship & Enterprise (MBA)

11. Management of Information Systems (MBA IT)

12. Information Technology Application in Business (MBA IT)


Career Engagements: Abhishek (aka Abi) is a Professor of IT Technology Business & Finance at Schiller International University, Heidelberg, Germany & Paris, France campuses. He is also associated with joint teaching programs in IT management courses with University of Roehampton, London, UK. He has been engaged as a Faculty - Research Scientist at University of Virginia, USA, & been a Faculty at Virginia Tech, USA, in the Computer Science department. Abi has been in the steering committee and chair of some noteworthy conferences in Italy, USA and India. Abi has three patents and several independent author publications.  His breakthrough research on genetic inheritance and variations has attracted strong international attention within the scientific community and media, and has begun to impact the development of new medical diagnostics. His research, teaching and corporate world experience accumulates for over 12+ years with more than 30 scholarly articles published. Abi completed a one year Post-Doc equivalent fellowship at University of Toronto, Canada. Abi also held prestigious Cambridge Commonwealth Trust India scholar and Marie Curie Experienced Researcher fellow positions in projects such as Protoclin at Hanover, Germany and PsychDPC at Halle, Germany. 

Pre-College: Abhishek  (aka Abi) got interested deeply into science as a career when he obtained a certificate in Delhi zone Physics Olympiad in the year 2000 while he was studying for XIIth CBSE board in DPS RK Puram school in the ability section. Two years earlier in 1998, he obtained national highest scores at the Xth ICSE board in Mathematics, Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) and Computer Science in which he obtained 99%, 97% and 98% respectively when he was boarding Christ Church Boys school at Jabalpur where he was also an outstanding state level athlete and soccer player. Later, consistently obtained above 99 percentile in the All India FIITJEE test series and cleared the national examination of IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

B.Tech, IIT Delhi: Abi earned at IIT Delhi a Bachelor of Technology, BTech, Major in Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology with Medical Science course and a Certificate of 17 extra credits in Computer Science. Abi is one of the few IIT graduates who managed to publish a journal paper (Singh et. al. Bioinformatics Analysis of Sars Virus X1 ORF, Current Science 2004), and couple of papers in international conferences in the US, while still being an undergraduate student. As an undergraduate, he was active in the social life of campus as well as a team member in athletics from the hostel and institute. He holds the institute record of being the Student Affairs Council (SAC) elected representative in the first year itself, which normally is attained in 3rd year. He held numerous other positions such as trouble-shooter, co-ordinator in sports and tech festivals. During his undergraduate studies, Abi also went to University of New Mexico, USA, in the Summer semester and earned 3 credits with 'A' grade in Cell Biology course. He did internships at several reputed international and national research centers and institutes. 

M.Tech, IIT Delhi: He completed Master of Technology, MTech, in Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT, at Delhi, with courses in Medical Sciences. Abi was the only MTech dual-degree student in the year 2006 whose work was awarded a national patent (Singh et. al. Flashlight Superhelical Photobioreactor, for mass cultivation of algae for biodiesel production and for other suitable purposes. , 2006, Patent Number 252085) . His whole thesis work involved developing a novel bioreactor that can speed up biomass doubling time, particularly those which are photosynthetic in nature, upto 500x, deploying the concepts of chemical engineering & computer science in life sciences.

MBA, HHL Leipzig: Abhishek did a Masters in Business Administration, MBA, in General Management / Finance  from Handelshochshule, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, with his thesis in Financial valuation in Biotechnology enterprise where he proposes a novel trinomial TTHA affected rejoining tree real options method, which is under consideration for publication. At HHL, Abi was a member of Energy club and Ivey League Soccer team, and maintained his GPA to be in very good 'A' grade (1 - 1.5) as per German standards. 

PhD, Doctoral Training: Abi's PhD training involved an academic year at Cambridge University, UK, where he received a CDS (Certificate of Diligent Study) in PhD program by Faculty of Biology for his work in plant biochemistry. At Cambridge his work involved genetic manipulation of model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and model alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtti for upstream lipid bio-fuel pathway manipulation such as vitamin B5 (pantothenate) and co-enzyme A. He invented a new biochemical strategic method to alter production of downstream products removing allosteric regulation, and the method can be applied in medical context as well for metabolic flux control and lead to patent publication, Singh et. al., Method to by-pass allosteric domain activity of an enzyme such as to alter the feed-back or feed-forward inhibition or activation: application in vitamin B5 pathway for its overproduction as an example, Patent Application: 1760/DEL/2010. His thesis work was a major part of a book he wrote later titled 'Genetic Engineering Strategies', ISBN  978-3-659-83921-4. Abi was invited at the department of Chemical Engineering at Newcastle University upon Tyne, to be a guest PhD student on a project titled ' reactive extraction of oil from algae', for which he devised a novel energy efficient apparatus. Abi's PhD training also involved a summer and a fall semester spent at  Mississippi State University as a Graduate Research Assistant where he received EPSCoR scholarship, from the college of Veterinary Medicine to conduct research based on RNA-Seq technology. He was also partly funded by Chemical Engineering department for research on biofuels using R. glutinis. He acquired 6 credits graduate level Computer Science courses, 3 credits as audit in Computer Science, and 1 credit in Human Resources from college of business, and 6 credits in CVM research, having an overall GPA of 3.8/4  which is good 'A' grade as per USA standard. He is now finishing up his doctoral education at Leipzig University where he is a Dr.-Ing. candidate at Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science in Leipzig University, Germany. His publications are geared towards integrated bioinformatics solutions mostly in large-scale data science for personalized medicine, where he has presented his work in reputed international conferences in bioinformatics. 

PGCDSFB, Kedge BS: Abi also completed a Post Graduate Certificate of Diligent Studies in Finance & Business (PG CDS FB) from Kedge Business School, France, which involved substantial course work from Global Executing MBA program apart from several courses in the regular Masters of Management program. At Kedge, he was active in the social life and member of the student club 'The Musical' which had an annual stage performance event. His scores and recommendations in the Financial Derivatives, Advanced Derivatives, Multinational Finance and Global Political Economy were the best as per French standards and in which he received 'A' grade in all of them. Altogether, he accumulated 80 credits from 18 courses and also completed ProAct work successfully. This study can be later extended to earn a Masters degree in Corporate Finance / Entrepreneurship. 

PGCBA, insAnalytics: Abi also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics (PG CBA) from insAnalytics/NIIT joint venture in which he was the national batch topper. The program was split into 2 semesters and also comprised of a project submission in the end, in which he was adjudged to be among the top 10 candidates receiving 96% in his project work. 

He has international working experience in several reputed organization around the world, such as:


In 2014 it was published that calcium binding in SARS virus 3a protein can cause apoptosis. I proposed this exactly a decade earlier in 2004 - the power of analytics predicted things 10 years in advance.

2004 Article: Singh, A.N. & Gupta, Dinesh & Jameel, S. (2004). Bioinformatic analysis of the SARS virus X1 protein shows it to be a calcium-binding protein. Current Science. 86. 842-844.

2014 Article:…/artic…/pii/S0168170214003293