At GE Global Research, Bangalore (18th Jan., 2018)

With Prof. Stephane Mallat at IISc Bangalore on 10th Jan., 2017

IITB, 14th Oct., 2016, PC:- Akshay Jain

24th Oct., 2016, Left to right: Me, Dr. Tulay Adali (UMBC), Dr. Anubha Gupta (IIIT-Delhi)
Priya Aggarwal

I am a Ph.D. scholar at IIIT-Delhi and about to graduate. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Anubha Gupta. I am currently looking for opportunities in Data Science/Machine Learning roles. My research interests are broadly in the areas of ✦ machine learning ✦ data science ✦optimization ✦ deep learning ✦ compressed sensing ✦ image analysis.

SBILab, IIIT-Delhi (Lab: http://sbilab.iiitd.edu.in/index.html) has an opening for PhD/JRF positions on a cancer imaging project. The work requires developing deep learning based methods for classification. This is a collaborative project between IIIT-Delhi and AIIMS New Delhi. ME/MTech in graduated in ECE/CSE with good programming skills in deep learning or academically good BE/BTech graduates are eligible to apply. Proficiency in deep learning and in coding in Pytorch/MATLAB are must. The total emoluments are around 30K per month at both the positions. It should be noted that cancer research is a top priority worldwide. The 2018 Noble prize in Medicine was given to a group of senior researchers recognizing body's innate immune capabilities to fight cancer. PhD graduates in this area will have a bright professional career owing to the acquired proficiency in Deep Learning and cancer research. Interested persons may please apply by sending their resumes to anubha@iiitd.ac.in with “Application for JRF/PhD” in the subject line of the email.

Ph.D. work:-
My PhD thesis is directed towards identifying and modeling the static and dynamic human brain networks using fMRI data. To this end, analytical techniques starting from multivariate regression modelling, optimization algorithm design, clustering, non-negative matrix factorization, and classification have become a prominent features of my research. Given my research findings on human brain networks, my work is also inclined towards classifying and understanding brain's deficit disorders (e.g., Autism and schizophrenia) from healthy population and help remedy clinical pathologies.

In addition, I also worked on developing optimization algorithms for compressed sensing fMRI. To this end, I proposed sparse and matrix recovery techniques and devised algorithms to solve proposed formulations. This work has implication to capture fMRI data inside scanner in shorter time so to avoid patient’s annoyance inside scanner and improve data quality.

20-10-2017: Paper got accepted in Computers in Biology and Medicine.
18-09-2017: Starting working as research intern at GE Global Research, Bangalore, India
28-08-2017: Paper got accepted in Medical Image Analysis.
09-01-2017: Participant, Workshop on Brain, Computation and Learning, IISc    Bangalore.
23-12-2016: Paper got accepted in Brain Informatics.
12-12-2016:  Successfully passed my Ph.D. comprehensive exam in the presence of committee   comprising of Prof. Rahul Garg (IIT Delhi), Dr. Sumit Darak (IIIT-Delhi), Dr. Saket Anand (IIIT-Delhi) and Dr. Anubha Gupta (Advisor, IIIT-Delhi).
15-10-2016: Presenter, Building functional brain network via fMRI signal processing, Visvesvaraya  meeting, IIT-Mumbai.
03-08-2016: First journal paper in Ph.D. got accepted in Neurocomputing.
11-07-2016: Participant, Summer school on Deep Learning, IIIT Hyderabad.
19-06-2016: Participant, 4th Brain cognition workshop, IISc Bangalore.
13-04-2016: Presenter,
13-04-2016: Presenter, Talk of my MICCAI work at PhD's ketchup talk, IIIT-D.
11-03-2016: Presenter, poster on joint detection estimation framework presented at research showcase at IIIT-Delhi.
11-03-2016: Presenter, poster on joint detection estimation framework presented at research showcase at IIIT-Delhi.
03-08-2015: Paper got accepted in GlobalSIP 2015.
05-05-2015: Paper got accepted in MICCAI 2015.