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**Students are still expected to write down assignments in their agendas and obtain these documents in class.  This website is to serve as an extra resource, not a full replacement for class time!      

Week of May 29, 2018:

Tues (5/29): Finish Digestion Webquest
Wed (5/30): A,C,F,G: Length of Digestive System Activity Questions 
D Block: use p. 518-535 to answer the questions on the worksheets
Thurs (5/31): No homework

Week of June 4, 2018:

Mon (6/4): Read p. 583-588 and answer 1-5 on p.588
Tues (6/5): 
A,C,F,G Blocks: What is Excretion? Packet - answer ALL questions on separate sheet of paper.  
D Block: Finish Respiratory System Pack.  Answer all questions on separate sheet of paper.
Wed (6/6): 
A,C,F,G: No homework
D: Chapter Review p. 595 #1-10, p. 596 #1-17
Thurs(6/7): A,C,F,G: Bring in pics for poster.  D: No HW
Fri (6/8): No homework

Week of June 11, 2018:

Mon (6/11): Presentations tomorrow!
Tues (6/12): Work on final study outline
Thurs (6/14): STUDY!  Bring in book if you forgot today!
Fri (6/15): Study!


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Scale of the Universe: 

Biodiversity Organisms Term 3:

Good Biodiversity Sites:

*If you lose/forget a biocard sheet, you can get an extra one under "forms and docs" on this website


How To Cite Sources for Biodiversity Project: 

Author(s). Title of Article. Title of Website. Copyright Date. Medium of Publication (book? website?). Date of Access.  URL.

Example of how to do it:

Dell, Christine. "Whales Have Sonar Beam for Targeting Prey." National Geographic Images of Animals, Natures and Cultures. 05 Aug 2015. Web. 01 Oct. 2015. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals

*Great Website you can use to shorten your URL when you site you sources!