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*Students are still expected to write down assignments in their agenda and obtain these documents during class. The purpose of this website is not to be a substitute for class time!


Week of February 11, 2019:

Mon (2/11): Study for DNA, RNA quiz

Tues (2/12): No homework

Wed (2/13): Woolly Mammoth Biocard

Thurs (2/14): Should we clone the Woolly Mammoth? Provide three reasons for it OR three reasons against it

Fri (2/15): No HW Enjoy vacation!

Week of February 4, 2019:

Mon (2/4): No homework

Tues (2/5): Break the Secret Codes Worksheet

Wed (2/6): Snork Questions if needed

Thurs (2/7): Strawberry DNA Lab questions

Fri (2/8): Archaebacteria species biocard

Week of January 28, 2019:

Mon (1/28): Study for Midyear - it is tomorrow!

Tues (1/29): Biocard on any mushroom species - try to find one with a weird name!

Wed (1/30): Read p. 110-115 and answer 1-5 on p. 115 *Bring in pipecleaners and tube pasta for Friday!

Thurs (1/31): DNA coloring sheet. Pasta and pipecleaners!

Fri (2/1): No homework. GO PATRIOTS!

Week of January 22, 2019:

Tues (1/22): Study for Energy Quiz/Test. Wear your team shirts tomorrow - middle of middle school

Wed (1/23): Bring flashcards or any materials to review for the midyear

Thurs (1/24): Work on studying for midyear

Fri (1/25): Work on studying for midyear


DNA, RNA Quiz Tuesday February 12

DNA RNA - good review video!

Helpful Archaebacteria Sites:

Good website to shorten URLs...


Classroom Codes:

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  • C: hgdllr
  • D: gs1amln
  • F: 64l9pa5
  • G: ei672ai