Welcome to Wainscott Hall    

    In Kentucky, as well as nationwide, 40% of the homeless are children. The Clark County Homeless Coalition was founded in 2009 as a grass roots coalition of community leaders and social service professionals to address the unmet needs of the homeless population in our rural area. In the fall of 2011, we opened the first ever homeless shelter in Winchester. Wainscott Hall is one of a few  shelters in the state that provides services to families.
    CCHC serves individuals and families from Clark, Powell, Estill and Montgomery counties by providing a safe place to stay, food and other basics, while addressing their varied needs. Through intensive case management, financial literacy,educational opportunities and assistance in obtaining medical, dental, and child care, etc., we strive to help our residents help themselves on the road to long term self-sufficiency.

                                                      OUR MISSION:

 "Empowering the homeless to take ownership of their path home.”


A recent study of the economic benefit to our community of the help and services offered right here at Wainscott Hall and CCHC showed a benefit to the community of over $970,000 per year!
For additional information on this study, call Terry at 859-744-8733.