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                            Capital Campaign 20017

May/June              School outreach and Scholarships

March/April            Serving Children

Jan/Feb                 Changing lives and planting seeds


                             Christmas Card 2016

December              Open full time: Medical Clinic

Oct/Nov                 First harvest

July                       Changing Lives of Children

June                      Started off with a conference

April/May               While we wait

March                    Come and meet the family

February                 9 month old with heart problems

January                  A Great Start To the Year


                             2015 Year end
                             Christmas Card 2015

December               Growing in ministry

Oct/Nov                  New Opportunities           

September              They were hungry!

July/August             Teams coming to show the love of Christ

June                        Walking the Path

May                         Things are moving along 

April                         What a month it has been

March                      The fields are white

January/February:     New Ministries & Opportunities


November      Happy Thanksgiving

September     A Miracle in the Making

August          They run out of water

July               Making room for more.

May              Receiving a container of Bibles


December:     Cheerful Hearts

November:     With the gun to his head

September:    Piercing the darkness

August:         Springboard To Discipleship

July:              Reaching the Unreached

June:             Ever expanding partnerships!

March:           The Bible School was launched

February:       Starting the Year off Right!

January:         Projects Updates


June:          I was in tears and in awe

April:          Double the fun!


Fall:          Making room to grow our vision!