Your school-issued Chromebook should be treated as a textbook. If it was left at home or you forgot to charge it we will NOT give out daily loaners. ONLY if the Chromebook has been damaged or reported lost will a long-term loaner be issued to students. Please remember to bring your materials to class everyday fully charged.

1:1 Educational Technology

Technological resources, including chromebooks, at HBHS are provided for the purpose of supporting the holistic educational experience and mission of the school. Huntington Beach High School's goal in providing these resources is to promote educational excellence by facilitating creative thinking, resource sharing, scholarship, research, and communication. Use of these technologies is a privilege that carries responsibilities and behavioral expectations consistent with all school rules and policies, including but not limited to those stated in the Parent Student Handbook. Members of the HBHS community will use all iPads, along with all other electronic communication and computing devices, in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner at all times.

***Because this is the first year the district is implementing chromebooks for every student, there will be questions regarding policies, usage in the classroom, and damaged/lost chromebooks. If a student is having any issues with the chromebook, please have them stop by the library during tutorial or lunch.***


  1. Where do students pick up Chromebooks?
    • Returning students and incoming freshmen will receive Chromebooks during registration, prior to the start of the new school year. Students who transfer or did not come to registration must go to the library to receive a Chromebook. ALL STUDENTS must have two papers filled out: the District Issued Chromebook User Agreement, and the Chromebook Insurance Plan.
  2. When do students return their Chromebooks?
    • Students will keep their Chromebooks for the remainder of their time at the high school. Freshmen will keep the same Chromebook for all four years of high school, including over the summer, while seniors will return their Chromebooks before graduation. Students will NOT return Chromebooks for the summer.
  3. How much do Chromebooks cost?
    • Chromebooks are supplemental to textbooks and will be given at NO CHARGE to the student. Only charges for damaged or lost Chromebooks will be issued.
  4. If a student is transferring schools within the HBUHSD, do they need to return their Chromebook before transferring?
    • YES. Chromebooks are issued and maintained on each school site separately and cannot be transferred between schools within the district. Students must return their HBHS issued chromebook and will receive a new Chromebook from the school they are transferring to.
  5. Are Chromebooks replacing physical textbooks?
    • Chromebooks are a supplemental tool to physical textbooks. Students will receive textbooks during the first 2 weeks of the school year. Some teachers may be moving towards using online textbooks only, but this will be a gradual transition and physical textbooks will still be implemented for the foreseeable future.
  6. When do students need to bring their Chromebooks to school?
    • Students should expect to bring their Chromebooks to school every day unless otherwise stated by their teachers.
  7. What if the student forgets their Chromebook at home or does not have it charged?
    • Unfortunately, we do not have an excess supply of Chromebooks to provide to students who forget their Chromebook. ONLY students who have claimed damaged or loss for their Chromebook will receive loaner Chromebooks that MUST be returned daily. Loaner power cords and AC adapters will be given sparingly.
  8. Can a student bring their own laptop from home to use in class?
    • This will be decided by the teachers and their class preferences. Please note that all tests and some labs will require software installed exclusively on the school-issued Chromebooks.
  9. How do you know if the Chromebook a student is using belongs to them?
    • We encourage students to NOT let other students borrow their school-issued Chromebook or charger/adapter. If students unintentionally switch devices or chargers, it can negatively impact both students during registration and possibly graduation. To verify your school-issued Chromebook, log-in to the Library Catalog on Destiny and pull up the student account. Verify that the HBUHSD barcodes (found on the bottom of the Chromebook) on the account and the Chromebook are the same. If they do not match, please see the Library Staff.
  10. What if the Chromebook doesn't have a HBUHSD barcode?
    • If there is no white HBUHSD barcode on the bottom of the Chromebook, please bring your school-issued Chromebook to the Library for verification.


  1. Do I need to purchase Chromebook Insurance?
    • Chromebook insurance is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.
  2. When and where can I buy Chromebook Insurance?
    • Insurance for Chromebooks s available throughout the year and can be purchased for $30 at the financial window. Insurance can be renewed annually for the upcoming school year starting at registration.
  3. What does Chromebook Insurance cover?
    • The insurance covers ONLY one claim per school year and covers lost and damages on SCHOOL SITE ONLY. It covers the replacement and service of your Chromebook in the event of reasonable accidental damage that occurs from regular use.
    • HBUHSD Chromebook Insurance does not cover the following (California Education Code 48904) :
      • Theft or loss of the Chromebook outside of the school campus.
      • Malicious damage under any circumstances.
    • Chromebook manufacturer defects will be covered at no additional cost. The plan will also provide a loaner Chromebook (if any are available at that school site) while the broken Chromebook is being repaired.
  4. What if the student has already used their one claim for the school year and breaks/loses the Chromebook again?
    • If the insurance claim has already been used for the year, then the student will be required to pay for the replacement costs themselves.
  5. What happens if a student breaks or loses their Chromebook and does NOT have insurance?
    • Unfortunately, the student will need to pay for the damaged Chromebook and/or components. The prices for each are listed below and are subject to change depending on model:

Lost/Damaged Chromebooks

  1. What do students do if they lose their Chromebook?
    • Please look in all the areas you had it last: classrooms, locker rooms, etc., and retrace your steps. If the chromebook has not been found, check with the Library to see if one has been turned in. If the Chromebook has not been located after this, it will be marked lost and the student will receive a loaner Chromebook that MUST be returned to the Library when a new replacement Chromebook is issued to them.
  2. What if I find a lost Chromebook?
    • Any lost Chromebooks should be taken to the Library, or given to a teacher or supervision if the Library is closed.
  3. What happens if a student damages the Chromebook?
    • ONLY damages that occur on school property will be covered ONCE by insurance. The student needs to bring the damaged Chromebook to the Library and trade it in for a loaner Chromebook. This will remain with the student until a new Chromebook is bought by the district.