The Open Educational Resources (OER) Fellowship Program aims to increase student success by encouraging faculty to use quality and sustainable OER and zero cost resources.


  1. Equip instructors with skills so they can properly integrate no-cost or OER materials into their class.
  2. Provide tools for instructors to assess no-cost or OER materials used in their class.
  3. Examine the impact on the use of no-cost or OER materials on students.
  4. Engage instructors in reflecting on the impact of using no-cost or OER materials in their teaching.
  5. Grow the number of OER champions who will advocate for adoption across the UHCC system.


The Open Educational Resources (OER) Fellowship Program, spanning two semesters, provides incentives to instructors in the  their adoption, use, and evaluation of OER and zero cost resources in their classes. The program encourages instructors to share their experiences and expertise with others as we work toward building the UHCC OER community. 

  1. Leeward CC or Kapiolani CC faculty or lecturer teaching at least one 3-credit semester course
  2. Complete OER Training.
  3. Only one incentive per person will be awarded.
All work created with the support of these funds will be licensed under a Creative Commons (CC) license. This license allows subsequent users to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work and requires other users to attribute the work in the manner specified in the CC license.