Welcome to the University of Hawaii Microdevices & Microfluidics Lab website. 

This lab develops microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microfabricated devices, and microfluidic devices for various applications.

Research Areas:

  • Microrobotics
  • Single-cell patterning and assembly
  • Molecular delivery
  • Reconfigurable electronics using liquid metals
  • Optically induced dielectrophoresis (optoelectronic tweezers)
  • Cell culturing devices
Research in the UH MNM Lab

Recent News

April 2018: M. A. Rahman earned the College of Engineering Outstanding PhD Student Award!

May 2016: R. Gough earned the UH Student Excellence in Research Award and the College of Engineering Outstanding PhD Student Award! 

May 2015: Our microrobot team placed first in the Mobility Challenge of the 2015 Mobile Microrobotics Challenge.

Jun 2014: R. Gough won second place in the Student Paper Competition at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium.

May 2014: Our microrobot team placed third in the Mobility Challenge of the Mobile Microrobotics Challenge.

May 2013: Our results on opto-thermal manipulation for the assembly of living cells was featured as a Lab on Chip Top 10% article.