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Next year it is going to be my 16 year in teaching. I started teaching in Spain, where I am from, and after that I came to the U.S. in a teacher exchange program, where I met my wife. I have a teaching degree in language and now I am working in my masters degree in Education.

I've been teaching mostly language: Spanish and English in Spain and now I am teaching Spanish in the dual immersion pr gram that Utah has at Davis School District. I am currently teaching high school immersion students in a class called "Bridge Program" where students that passed the AP Spanish and Language Culture receive an upper level division class during their high school time. We teach this class with a college professor, so the students can receive college credits for the class.  It has been a challenge and a satisfactory experience and I can say that I learn every day and discover new ways to teach any moment.

A key idea about teaching that I always have in mind is believe in the students, the have the power to come through, the have the ability to do things right and they, most of the time, just need to feel it.